Drake MN-2700




bullet160 thru 10 Meters Frequency Coverage-With out-of-band coverage for MARS, future band expansions and other applications.
bulletAntenna Choice-Matches antennas fed with coax, balanced line, or random wire. (For balanced line use optional Drake B-1000 Balun, which mounts on rear panel of MN-2700.)
bulletAntenna By-pass Switching-Unique design allows unit to be switch-by-passed regardless of which antenna is in use, whether coax or wire type. No need to manually disconnect feedlines. Switch also selects various antennas.
bulletExtra Harmonic Reduction to help fight TVI-Drake Matching Networks employ special "pi-network" low-pass filter type circuitry for maximum harmonic rejection. This feature alone makes the MN-2700 a worthwhile investment; it is a Drake exclusive.
bulletBuilt-in Metering-Accurate rf wattmeter/VSWR bridge is pushbutton controlled from front panel
Power Capability-2000 watts PEP, 1000 watts average. Continuous Duty.
bullet13.09"W x 4.53"H x 13"D including connectors (33.26 x 11.5 x 33 cm);
bulletWeight 11 Ibs. (5 kg).