Diamond Discone antenna

Diamond Wideband Discone Antenna

The Discone antenna is used by government and military agencies worldwide because of its wide bandwidth characteristics and non- directional coverage. Now Diamond offers a professional grade Discone at a popular price.

Designed for use with wide-frequency coverage VHF/UHF scanners and receivers, the Diamond D130J Discone consists of 16 rugged, stainless steel elements and is capable of transmitting up to 200 watts in the amateur 50, 144, 220, 432, 900, and 1200 MHz bands.

As a receiving antenna, the D130J is omni-directional for continuous 25-1000 MHz (and above) coverage. A base-loaded, vertical top element is used as a low band (30-50 MHz) frequency extender.

The elements are arranged on a 24-inch support pipe equipped with two strong mounting brackets to accommodate any standard mast-pipe
(1"to 2-1/8" diameter).


Frequency Range: 25-1300 MHz for receiving {Amateur frequency bands and personal radio frequency band for transmitting}
Length: 1.7 m {66.9"}.
Weight: 1 kg
{2.2 lbs}.
Equipped with SO-239 requires PL-259
Max. Diameter: 0.41m
Mast Diameter: 25 to 52 mm
{0.98" to 2.05"}.
Max Power: 200 W at transmittable frequency bands.
Type: Wideband omni-directional Discone antennas.
Manufacturer: Diamond