Welcome to Nano Optoelectronic DevicE Lab.

Nano Optoelectronic DevicE Laboratory focuses on developing novel optoelectronic devices based on the nanostructured materials such as quantum wells, quantum wires (nanowires) and quantum dots. In order to achieve our goal, our research program spans from investigating the optical characteristics of various materials to desigining and analyzing optical devices. Researchers are required to equip the various knowledges of electrical engineering, physics and chemistry.
Now, we are looking for enthusiastic students interested in optoelectronics.
For Graduate Students (M.S. and Ph.D. students)
- Full tuition and stipend
- Support the travel expenses to attend the international and domestic conferences
- Chance to learn microfabrication skills (hands-on experience)
- Chance to collaborate with industries such as Samsung electronics
For Undergraduate Students (Interns)
- Incentive
- Encourage to attend the conferences to present
  (travel expenses are supported if necessary)
If you are ineterested in, please do not hesitate to contact me.
E-mail: jsheo [at] ajou.ac.kr
Phone: 031-219-3717