How to Make a Starship Enterprise with Removable Saucer Section Out of Office Supplies


1) You'll need to collct One Wall Clip, 2 Small Paperclips, 1 Large Paperclip, 1 small Pinch Clip, Some Tape, Black Sharpie.

2) See Parts in Picture, Notice large paperclip is bent up and down making a somewhat S shape. Make these bends.

3) Slide one end of paper clip into pinch clip.

4) Slide wall clip onto other end. (Note spring in wall clip can be a bit tough but once you slide it in there a few times it gets easier.)

5) Add tape to ends of metal on pinch clip. This is needed for grip. Glue could be used here.

6) Add paper clips for the Nacelles, to the taped ends.

7) Have fun. Saucer Section removes for those battles you need it to remove.

8) I have other paperclip designs of an XWing, Klingon Bird of Prey, Tie Fighter, Darth Vader's Tie Fighter and a Colonial Viper. I was thinking of doing a book with office supply oragami. Anyone who sends me a design and instructions that is unique can be added to the book with their name credited on their page, with their design.

9) Please remember all supply parts are still usuable so the boss can't complain you are wasting office supplies.

Disclaimer: Any designs turned in for the book will get honerable mention for the designer but the author of the book and the publishing company reserve any and all rights, royalties and profit from the book.