American Grotto

Speleological Preservation and Exploration

Dedicated to the service and protection of God’s Earth through conservation, knowledge, and adventure.


American Grotto

           American Grotto was formed in 2002 as a small group of friends. Starting out, we were mainly interested in only exploring caves. That quickly grew into the desire to want to study and protect them.

          Since then we have developed into the grotto group we are today. Most of us have been in more caves then we can count, probably numbering somewhere up in the hundreds.


American Grotto has three main purposes.

  • To explore caves or cave systems and other aspects of nature.
  • To create a lasting friendship and fellowship.
  • To protect nature through conservation.




Current News



I have just added a new section on bats under (BIOLOGY)

There you can find some great pictures and good information.

I have also found a great webpage to gather information on all sorts of different animals. I have linked to it under each type of bat just click on (More Information.)




Enjoy the webpage.