Cabins & Lots

Both building lots and cabins are available in this park like setting. Commercial ventures will not be allowed to ensure peaceful enjoyment for all residents. 

Each cabin or lot has:
- waterfront with great view 
- use of the year round protected moorage
- year round caretaker
- fresh water treatment system
- waste water treatment system
- boardwalk access to all lots

Each site pays a monthly maintenance fee of $400 that goes towards the expenses of caretaker, water & sewer service, infrastructure maintenance and various yearly licensing and lease fees. 

Cabin (built to lockup so you my finish to your own taste) with lot:  $125,000
Lot Only:    $75,000

Nootka Outpost property is leases land and water from the Provincial Government, and renewable subleases are for sale. The total leased land area is 3.83 acres of upland property Dan 1.17 acres of foreshore property. 

The advantage of our location compared to popular float cabins on water leases is that there's no wear and tear from tides and waves on your cabin - this is a building on land with the use of dock for access. Most importantly, the property has a resident caretaker to ward off uninvited guests. The property has a reliable source of fresh, treated, and VIHA approved water so you don't have to install and maintain individual water treatment methods or haul fresh water in. 

The cabins for sale are roughly 1500 square feet and have a large deck. There are two bedrooms, a loft area and a bathroom framed in. Open areas are for kitchen, wood stove and living area.
In the site map below, Areas 4 & 11 have cabins pictured above
Areas 1,2, 7, 8, and 13 have been sold
Areas 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 12, and 14 are building lots available