eLearning Hub
eLearning Hub
  • Completion: Fall 2011
  • Adviser: Jane Wilde
  • Sponsor: Kathy Hipple, President, Noosphere Marketing.
Problem: Noosphere Media, an offshoot of Noosphere Marketing, is building and marketing a platform for colleges and  universities to publish original content, grow their online community, and employ social media tools and platforms to attract quality applicants, increase alumni giving and be a vital contributor to global culture. The challenge is Noosphere's lack of expertise in the academic realm. They need a tool to help sell them as a true 'player' in this space and establish credibility.

Solution: Create an eLearning 'hub'; a web presence that will establish Noosphere's expertise in a highly visible and desirable domain of modern pedagogy. The hub will:
  • publish original articles and blogs on eLearning
  • list colleges and universities with online classes and degree programs
  • review tools and technologies for eLearning authoring and deployment
  • aggregate many eLearning-related resources on the web
  • and more...