Former MS students, PhD students, and postdocs 


Audrey Chang: PhD 2009,  head of External Relations at the Institute for Advanced Analytics at North Carolina State University

Brian Counterman: PhD 2007, faculty at Mississippi State University

Nora Espinoza: postdoc 2000-2001, faculty at Clemson University

Nikolai Kandul: postdoc 2005-2008, research scientist at California Institute of Technology

Shannon McDermott: PhD 2012, faculty at Central Virginia Community College

Suzanne McGaugh: postdoc 2009-2012, faculty at University of Minnesota

Pawel Michalak: postdoc 2002-2003, faculty at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

Amanda Moehring: postdoc 2004-2008, faculty at University of Western Ontario

Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos: PhD 2005, faculty at University of Queensland

Katie Ritz: MS 2016, editing team manager at American Journal Experts

Caiti Smukowski Heil: PhD 2014, faculty at North Carolina State University

Laurie Stevison: PhD 2011, faculty at Auburn University

Kate Teeter: postdoc 2005-2006, faculty at Northern Michigan University

Jennifer (Gredler) Tyler: MS 2015, science teacher at Broughton High School

Robin Varney: postdoc 2009-2011, postdoc at University of North Carolina Wilmington