Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nooredeen Abbas                                         
                                 Professor of Analytical Chemistry 
                               National Research Centre, Cairo
                                        (Born in Cairo : 24/1/1946)
 Graduation : -Ph.D., Eotvos Lorand University, Bnudapest, Hungary ,1983.under supervision of Prof. Braun Tibor
" Radio-Analytical and Trace-Analytical Applications of Polyurethane Foam Sorbents"
-M. SC. Chemistry, Ain Shams University 1976.

-B.SC. Special degree in Chemistry, Very good, Honor , Faculty of Science, Cairo University, 1966.

Department:     Applied Organic Chemistry, Analytical Lab.

Division:            Chemical Industries             

 Institute            National Research Center

Location:           Dokki, Cairo
Postal Code:
Tel:                    + 202 26247002   & + 202 33371 433- Ext. 2493
Fax:                   +  202 2267 2867
Email:                    dr.nooreldin@yahoo.com


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