Nook Book Group

When I first bought the Nook I found that it was incredibly well designed except for one potential powerful tool, the Lend Me app. The Lend Me app allows nook users to share Lend Me books free of charge. There's only one problem. We're supposed to know a vast amount of other users and there contact info to see their books. Thats where I come in. Supply me with your full name and email and for an optional donation I will send you weekly links to other users that want to share books! It's a sort of online book group with a small admin. I have created a database and with your taste of preference we can finally put these books into good use. Feel free to add me as your first contact with my info below. I've found it extremely hard to find friends and contacts with a account so lets get started!

My email is: 

Note: I'll need your full name and email address and also please send the genre of books you love to read. 

My Contact Info:
Riley Waring