Old News

Like you give a f***.


7-8-2008: Well, some things have been going on in my personal life lately, and so I'm going to have to be off the net for a little bit (no internet around) so... I'll be back up and running eventually, and I'll try to update the site once in a while if I get a chance at some internet, so... enjoy the site, and make sure to tell your friends about it!

5-30-2008: Well, I finished moving, got the laptop to work real nice, and everything is set up quite nicely.

Now I'm proud to say that, after months of planning, Bullshit Kid is FINALLY in the early stages of development, and should be up in about a few weeks, so hang tight!

4-11-2008: Two days before my birthday, and I'm proud to announce that I finally got this game up!!


It's finally up!!!

Parteh! *does a little dance*

Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and please forgive all the similarites to Chrono Trigger...it was an accident.

4-2-2008: Well...I'll just let these speak for themselves

3-30-2008: Well, I got a MAJOR update for you...I uploaded some games to the download section! Two are woofy games (you saw one yesterday) but the other is an FPS I've worked on which you might wanna try out ^_^

And those who don't know what an E.N.D.O.W. is (pretty much all of you) it's basically a big war machine from the future that tries to destroy Earth. But, you'll hear more about that story soon in the form of a game...hehe

3-29-2008: Well, I haven't done too much, except add a few more songs to the music section...oh wait...what is this? A game?


Huh, that's cool...but it's so short. If only it had a sequel of some sort...


 3-11-2008: *updates page*

Naaahh, but really, I did add a new cartoon a while back. Haven't done much in a while because I've been playing GTA:SA. Plus, I quit my old job and am currently looking for a new one and a place to live. But I'll update more later!


2-07-2007: Well, I got another video up, and whaddya know, it's an old music video:

 Please note that the quality is terrible. Just wait until I get myself a cable so I can put it one the laptop directly!

Oh, and sorry about <-- the sidebar, when Nick worked on the page, he accidentally messed up some code, so you can't click on anything...sorry! I'm gonna work on that, then update accordingly.

Other than that, I've been working on some cosmetic updates. You can now see previews of animations, and all of them are embedded in their own pages now, so all of them work!! Also a few other updates here and there, so enjoy!



2/03/08 - Update

I guess I'll update the page since Noodle hasn't been able to. His laptop is fixed finally, so he will probably make an update soon.

I'll start off with a new Noodle presentation, for those who rock on Guitar Hero III.


The page will be updated soon with more content.

If anyone has any ideas for new animations or videos, please e-mail Noodle in the sidebar under, contact us.



11/6/2007 - Wow, what a difference a month makes!

First off, I got a new laptop charger in the mail, and it works!! Well, mostly. I think something is wrong with the power jack in this laptop, but I'm not gonna fret over it now.

Mostly, I've been playing San Andreas over the internet for the last few days. (May I tell you that it's fun being a n00b cop and arresting everyone? Well, it is)

The sound adapter I got doesn't work right just yet, so no new production yet. I'm working on it! It's made by some company in China, so... I can't call the company and find out whats wrong with it.

Oh well. Maybe I'll take this laptop apart and fix the sound card once and for all... *wink wink*

One more thing: This website down below (at the bottom) started giving away free point cards for XBOX360's and Wiis on the front page. You don't need an account to get it, it just requires some guesswork.

You'll see what I mean.

For now, I'll try to update this place more often, but right now I may be dealing with personal problems, like moving and work and junk. I'll sort that out sometime, then I'll be in the clear to do what you're all waiting for: ANIMATIONS!!

One last note:  We finally hit the 1500 milestone. 500 more and I might start thanking some people!


10/5/2007 - Fixed the laptop again. But I need a new connection tip, and I can't find one at Radioshack. So, um.... yeah, not much goin on right now.



9/20/2007 - Almost another month gone. But that's because the power cord to my friends laptop broke and rather than fix it, I decided to get some more points from that website (below) and get myself 4000 Wii points and a classic controller. Now I'm just saving up for a DS lite.

But anyway, so yeah. I just now got around to fixing the cord (I can't afford a new one at the moment) and now I'm gonna fart around on this thing.

But hey, big news, big news: We've officially hit over 1000 page views!! Not that the little ticker is accurate or anything, I mean, every time I edit the homepage it adds one to itself. (?)

So, not much new is going on at the moment. But I'm gonna talk to Nick and see if he can pull my old hard drive out and help me put a lot of my older crap onto the website, so you get a glimpse of what I really can do.

In the meantime, uh.... go play with yourself or something. Better yet, go and get a girlfriend to do that for you.



8/22/2007 - Wow!! We hit 800 page views in a month??

How the hell did we do that?

Anyway, the gaminglagoon thing? Yeah, it really works. I got my SD card in the mail a week ago. I've only used it in my wii so far, but it works pretty good. I encourage everyone to use this site.

Oh, and I'm gonna fix random problems around the website, so things'll work better.

One more thing: In the biography section, I added some Ronald McDonald jokes. Hope you find them funny!



8-01-2007: Um, been kind of lazy lately. I started to update the website, but then I had some other things going on, like dealing with my family moving soon and work and junk. However, I will update things soon enough.

In the meantime, enjoy the new advertisement (see front page.) You sign up, fill out surveys, then earn points. The more points you earn, the more stuff you get. And because I'm referring you, I get %15 of whatever you make.

Pyramid scheme, I know. But hey, if I can earn enough to get my DS Lite back....that'd be bitchin'.

Ooh, on a sidenote, check out my scores on Guitar Hero II here:

Noodle's scores on Scorehero 

I'll be updating that periodically too.




 7-17-2007: You may have noticed the new look for the website. I'll be editing all the pages later.

I'm still farting around with this laptop. Things aren't looking good for this website, as it's been up for 9 months and only about 300 people have visited. Ah well, it's free, so what am I complaining about?

 As far as animations go, I decided to go a little more mainstream this time around. Instead of all these inside joke, I think I'll start doing jokes that everybody should be able to understand.

So you're asking: Noodle, when the hell are you gonna do another animation? Well, the answer is surprising: pretty damn soon. I'm working on a Metal Gear parody, and I have the setup done. Now I just need a script to go with it, and we'll be good!

Yeah, lately I've been following the updates on Smashbros.com, it's like my most anticipated game (well, MGS4 is up there too, but so is the PS3's price.)

Anyways, I encourage ya'll to write me. It'd be great to hear from civilization once in a while.


6-15-2007: This is coincidental: Two months ago was the last time I edited this page. It's also been two months since I regrouped with my buds.  My technical consultant, Nick, allowed me to borrow his laptop for future editing on the website (because my Wii is unable to load googlepages at all, and my computer is crap.)
I also installed FLASH so I could create some brank-new cartoons. The only setback?

Yep, none of the mice I have will fit into any of the sockets on this laptop here. So, although the cartoons will still be a while in the making (i.e. months at a time) I'll be making them.

One more thing: You can submit an idea for a cartoon and I just might do it. Even I run out of ideas sometimes, so it'd be kinda nice to fall back on somebody elses idea...



*runs away, leaves piece of paper*

| Send your idea to:                    |
|Noodlefans@googlepages.com |

4-15-2007:Welp, I can't really work on the site from my Wii, so that's why you haven't been seeing many new updates lately. But today I'm gonna try to embed the flash files into HTML so ya'll can watch the cartoons without having to download that extra crap.


3-16-2007: Class Reunion is finally up!!


3-13-2007:For those of you looking for a San Andreas Soundboard, look no further!

also: SWF Opener(to open the files)



3-12-2007: Uploaded some brand-spankin' new midis!

Listen to them here:


AnthemfortheHopeless.mid  (I think this would be good in Guitar Hero)

1-22-2006: My aid, Derek, set up a counter. Now we can see how many people are actually looking at this junk. Oh, and I'm working on some fixes for the animations pages. Hang tight!