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*NOTE* - You must have FLASH Player 6 or above, or else, none of these will work 

A Whole lotta swearing- Like the name says...if you are at work, or have little kids around, you should probably not watch this, as is the case with a lot of my other animations

Class of 2005 Reunion- West Albany's class 5 year reunion. If you don't know us, you won't get any of the jokes. But, I'm just adding this so all my anims will be in one spot.


 San Andreas Soundboard (Incomplete) - Quotes from the worlds first AO game.


 The Confession - Inside jokes galore. You won't get it unless you know us. And even then....



'Institutionalized Spoof' - *WARNING! LANGUAGE!*



Schnitt Kacken -For the Dannys out there



Short Starfox Spoof - Anyone who's play Starfox64 might get a kick out of this. Then again, maybe not.