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Welcome to the official Noodle Fan Club!

This is the official fan site of Patrick "Noodle" Cadwell, an aspiring Musician from Albany, OR. Noodle is currently still living in Albany where he works on his music, games, and animations.


10-3-2008: It's been a while since I upadted this page, but I've been kinda busy lately, believe it or not! Work is good though, been keeping me busy! I've been putting more videos up on youtube (which you can watch here)

Another thing I've been doing is working on... radio! Seriously, Internet radio. Never thought I'd be interested in the radio business, but whaddya know. Here I am! You can listen to music by going here and clicking 'Listen now' up near the top. You can then request whatever songs you want (provided that I have them >_>), even when I'm at work or asleep! How convenient!

One thing you should notice though: This isn't entirely my radio. It's mostly for a team I play Grand Theft Auto online with, Team NeO. You should check them out sometime here. But yeah, we have a few different DJs (Myself being the main one) who play all sorts of different stuff. Eventually, we'll be our own full-fledged radio station, so support us just by listening in sometime! ^_^


Oh, and Derek: Yes, Bullshit Kid still hasn't been started. It will though. Soon. <_<

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