PengoFamily Nontrackable Geocoins

Work still in progress.

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IndyDiver v1.5 (1 of 5 matching numbers set #111)

Although being a 1 of 5 matching numbers set, there were only so many of each finish made, the numbers below represent the numbers made in that finish. Te set is still a 1 of 5 :o)

Black Nickel XXLE - 1 of 15

Gold XLE - 1 of 25

Antique Silver - 1 of 50

Bronze - 1 of 100

CoinFusion Set (IndyDiver engraved on the sides)

Antique Silver - 1 of 50

Black Nickel - 1 of 70

Antique Gold - 1 of 75

Antique Copper - 1 of 75

Individual Personal Geocoins (alphabetical order)



CanoeMan - Fall

CanoeMan - Spring



IndyDiver v2

Islander1988 - XLE - 1 of 8

Islander1988 ( we are waiting on one more coin then Pete will have a set section :)

Team AI

Individual Non-personal Geocoins (alphabetical order)

The famous 2007 Avalanche Geocoin.  #105 (2007 versions start at #100)

The Bard of Avalon Geocoin - a gift from BigJohnP

The famous Geocoin Secret Agent Geocoin

Geocoinfest 2007 - 'Poker Challenge' poker chip - used at final table

Geocoinfest 2007 - Attendee 2 part Geocoin

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Artist sample coin

L'Erabliere 2007 - a very rare Quebec event coin. These coins were actually _made_ here!

North Dakota - Winter 2005

Thanks for the cache! - a gift from DresselDragons

Texas Geocaching - a gift from TeamMadDog

Yosemite National Park

The rare Z-Tele Geocoin


PengoDaughter (Rebekah's non-trackable Geocoins)


DorkFish Sea Horse - a gift from Karma

Easter Coin Bunny

GBA Un-Event - She loves Pizza, and Geocoins but not beer!

Happy Halloween 2006 - a gift from GlennK721

Michigan Geocaching

Parents of Sam (one from each of their daughters)

Secret Cupid