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    I'm so glad you're here!  I've put this website together for people not only like me who are non-believers, but also for those believers who are honestly trying to understand our point of view.  There's lots of stuff to check out and plenty of places to throw in your two cents so, have at it!  This site is currently under construction and I'm new to this, so some things might not work properly.  Click on "Contact Me" above to let me know about it.  Please be kind!  :)  Thanks!

    I will periodically change each of the pages with new faces that fit in each of the categories of "Friendly", "Angry" and "Scientific" atheists based mostly on their works and not necessarily how it is received.  I am totally open to suggestions on notable people, for example, or any content that you think would be useful.  The "Featured Religion" section will eventually feature a different religion or sect to dissect and test to see if it can provide any evidence supporting their belief system, to investigate any anti-humanistic doctrines they may hold and generally put it through scientific scrutiny.  I'll do my best to offer each one up in an objective manner, but reserve the right to throw my two cents in on the conversation.  You will also find pages with quotes, news and links that you may find helpful as well.  If you enjoy your stay here, please "like" or "+1" me to share this site.  Have fun!

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