The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will host the Non-Targeted Analysis Workshop
August 18-19, 2015 at EPA's Research Triangle Park Campus.

The EPA is responsible for ensuring the safety of tens-of-thousands of chemicals registered for use in the United States. Quantitative exposure data are available for only a small fraction of registered chemicals, hindering assessments of potential health risks to humans, wildlife, and ecosystems. New methods are therefore required to efficiently generate measurement data for a growing number of chemicals that remain largely unexamined. Non-targeted measurement methods, including those based on high-resolution mass spectrometry platforms, offer unique means to screen for xenobiotic chemicals in a variety of environmental and biological media.

This workshop will bring together experts in non-targeted screening to discuss innovative methods and best practices for collecting, analyzing, interpreting, storing, and exchanging measurement data related to xenobiotic chemical exposures. Participants of this workshop will discuss non-targeted analysis “success stories” and help identify:

  • Best practices for using non-targeted measurement methods to identify and characterize xenobiotic chemicals in environmental and biological samples.
  • Innovative and practical approaches for the analysis, interpretation, and storage of measurement data obtained via non-targeted methods.
  • Challenges that may impede widespread use of non-targeted measurement techniques for exposure science.
  • Collaborative opportunities to overcome challenges related to existing methodologies and/or information infrastructures.
The EPA has developed a draft agenda and is soliciting abstracts for poster presentations. Travel awards ($500 each) will be given to two selected abstracts to support the registrant to orally present their research on the second day. Please visit the Abstract Submission tab for more details and to submit your abstract.

Workshop Details:
August 18-19, 2015
Workshop Location:
Auditorium C111
Research Triangle Park
109 TW Alexander Dr.
Durham, NC 27709
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Jon Sobus

Elin Ulrich

Mark Strynar