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In 2011, six years after graduating, I became a student on campus again! A Fulbright-LASPAU scholarship allowed me to complete a program in Instructional Design and Technology at Virginia Tech in 2012. This is the website that I started then to share what I was learning while persuing my master's degree.

Now, back in my home country Guatemala, I am still trying to keep it to share what I am learning and producing as a higher education teacher and distance learning experience designer and coach.

I have a particular interest in complex learning and in a systemic approach in Education. I believe in the active role of  learners in making meaning of what they learn in authentic situations as well as in the role of educators as coaches and mentors to guide learners in their journeys towards expertise. I also believe in the potential of open digital educational content to allow learning to happen any time and everywhere, beyond economic barriers.

I work and learn using English and Spanish, therefore you will find pages in this website that are written in either one of these languages. I hope that it is not that confusing. Enjoy! ;)

Picture credits: Unless otherwise indicated, the photos that you see in this website were taken by my husband with whom I share the love for nature.

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