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Sukumar Ray founded the Nonsense Club soon after graduation(1906). The members were his friends and relatives. The name of the club indicates the direction Sukumar's genius was going to take. He wrote two plays for the club that are frequently performed by children even now. One was Jhalapala (Cacophony) and the second was Lakshmmaner Shatishel (Lakshman and the Wonder Weapon). As Satyajit puts it, “These contain the first expressions of Sukumar's humor. In the second play characters out of Ramayana descend from the epic heights to a world of spoof and horseplay… mixed up with vegetable curry, chemists, homeopathic drugs, Sandow, the muscleman, and recurring decimals. Hanuman, the monkey- god, eats sugar-puffs; the messenger of Death finds his salary in arrears and Jambuban is annoyed by the stink of Bibhisan's beard. Sukumar also made his debut here as a composer of songs, his simple tunes and rhythms adding greatly to the fun.”
Sukumar Roy most loved and respected children's writer with innovative thinking and style, one of the greatest writers and illustrators in the history of Bengali literature, was born in 1887.. His family was originally from Masua in mymensingh. His father, upendra kishore roychowdhury, who also wrote for children, was a musician and mechanic and his son was the Oscar-winning filmmaker satyajit ray.

Now after 103 years i recreate this club with the help of my close friends.We only create this club for fun not to hurt anyone.As Sukumar Ray did.And we hope you all will take it like i do.And please don't forget to join our club.

Jaha ajgubi,Jaha Udvot,Jaha Osomvob taha loiai ei Cluber Karbar.Iha Kheal roser club, sutorang se ros jahara upovog korite paren na,ei club tahader jonno nohe.

Membership open to those with a flair for the ridiculous, practical joking and, most of all, acting.

Thanking you,
Nonsense Club.

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