Visitors' Book

Bouquets and brickbats in store for this valiant effort at compiling the online discussion and webpage. Read on to see what the visitors to this site said...

William P Burdick, Associate Vice President for Education, FAIMER, Philadelphia: Once again, you have set the bar for others in compilation of listserv discussion. Good work!

Tejinder Singh, Director, CMCL-FAIMER Regional Institute, Ludhiana: I am surprised, pleased, stunned etc etc by  the output of last month's discussion. An extremely well done job. A bench mark, which may not be bettered for many cycles. Keep it up.

Avinash Supe, Director, GSMC-FAIMER Regional Institute, Mumbai: It is great work. Impressed. Lot of effort and creativity. Keep it up.

Vivek Saoji, Dean and Principal, Bharti Vidyapeeth Medical College, Pune: Firstly a big CONGRATULATIONS to team Anshu and Chetna for the voluminous work, with of course a lot of art and creativity (non scholastic abilities) you managed to put it together. It really speaks very highly about your knowledge and commitment. It makes all of us proud and takes up not few steps but strides ahead. So great work and compliments to you.

Medha Joshi, Director, Medical Education Cell, M.S.Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore: Hats off for your creativity. The concept, the execution and the content are all fabulous. Please accept my hearty congratulations to you and your team. The cartoons are so cute, can we use them for our discussions?  Keep it up!!!

Rita Sood, AIIMS New Delhi: Congratulations for the commendable job you two have done. I have become a real admirer of your non-scholastic abilities. Wishing you all the best in whatever you do.

Balachandra Adkoli, AIIMS, New Delhi: Excellent resource and great work.

Nirmala Rege, GSMC, Mumbai: Very well done compilation on nonscholastic abilities. Very well drafted, informative and recommendations are relevant.

Payal Bansal, Bharti Vidyapeeth Medical College, Pune: Congratulations, Beautifully done. Is there more of you that we don't know? Again, compliments on the great work. Congratulations for the month's discussion to all Fellows.

Paulo Marcondes, Brazil:  Saw the site as an overview. It seems to have very interesting topics and discussion.My first point is about the name "non-scholastic", which is quite strange to me. We are trying to find more "holistic" students, able to deal not only with biomedical knowledge with their patients and teams,but psycho and sociological knowledge,and with humanistic and able to understand the health needs of them (patients). So scholastic means to you as "..."of or concerning schools and teaching" " (from your site). For us in Brazil all non-scholasticabilities in your site ARE scholastic! Mainly for life-long learners able to work in multiprofessional teams.

SP Kalantri, MGIMS Sevagram: Simple, precise, informative, entertaing, provocative, easy to navigate, readable - your web site has the stuff good web sites are composed of. I am pleased to see my favourite font - trebuchet -  appearing all through the web site. Incidentally, today I discovered that the word trebuchet comes from medieval German and means, "a medieval siege engine, a weapon employed either to smash masonry walls or throw projectiles over them." I am also happy to see David Sackett on the home page (he once famously said, " burn your textbooks and treat your teachers with the contempt they deserve). Surely trebuchet and Sackett should inspire and motivate your group to destroy the fiefdom of medical education and free medical students from the shackles of rote learning.

Reem Abraham: Excellent work! Keep it up.

Monika Sharma, CMC Ludhiana: Excellent Anshu and Chetna! The compilation is great. I am very impressed with the very appropriate use of web-based techniques. 

Dinesh Badyal, CMC Ludhiana: A great work.Congratulations for this wonderful, so organised, well planned summary and website.

Sheena SIngh, CMC Ludhiana: I love the website you've created. Its pure genius!I have checked it out twice and I am sure I'm going to be back for more till I've read all of it.I am amazed at the volume of stuff we went through in one month and was delighted to see some of my comments and contributed articles figuring in key spots! It's a wonderful compilation. The format is pleasing,elegant and easy to browse. I loved the term 'chatterati' , the quotes and the picture of the lion, the cartoons and the poster of Lagaan .....Chale Chalo...Chale Chalo !! Great work !

Saira Banu, Coimbatore: Extremely well organized web page. Truly commendable  effort. Yes, I did enjoy the original cartoons-reflects another interesting dimension of yours! The content is well laid, encouraging revisits.. The recommendations and all  just left me wondering with one query -  how do you manage your time so well?
Hearty congrats again on an assignment well done!

Kishore Shah, Pune: The web site is fast in downloading. There is no unnecessary clutter of graphics or animations. That is good.The cartoons are okay. Not very great. I think you need some cartoons with jhatka.The subject is of course quite alien to me so I cannot comment much on that.

Smita Singh, MGIMS Sevagram: Just had a little glimpse of the website.I need more time to digest it,but I made it a point to go through the cartoons & had a hearty laugh.It's really good.Keep it up. We are proud of you.

Chandrika Rao, Bangalore: A great work. Congratulations for this wonderful, so organised, well planned summary

Harpreet Kapoor, Ludhiana: Congrats Anshu and Chetna for the excellent piece of art if I may call it.

Sudhir Kalra, Abohar: Kudos! The thought of creating the site itself is a big thing. I am impressed. It is nice. Simple and clear. Cartoons are just fantabulous. Speak volumes of your creativity.  They were less in number, which simply means yeh dil mange more!
Mrunal Ketkar, Pune: Excellent.Great work and very creatively done too.

Hemlata Badyal, DMC Ludhiana: Very well summarised. Congratulations.  
Madanlal Gill, Ludhiana: Thanks for the beautiful cartoons.
Sanjay Bedi, Amritsar: Great.The Cartoon corner is too good.




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