Leadership and Teamwork
Individual commitment to a group effort -- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.     - Vince Lombardi


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Leadership toolkit

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 “Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal”. Some of the major leadership traits described in literature are: Intelligence, self-confidence, determination, integrity and sociability. A true leader will empower his followers.


Here are situations where team work and leadership skills are vital to optimum medical care:

  • Any surgery
  • Management of trauma and other disasters
  • Good housekeeping in a hospital
  • Human resource management in a hospital
  • Managing hospital infections
  • ICCU care
  • Managing an outpatient department

In medical education team work is required for:

  • Deciding and revising curricula
  • Deciding and implementing teaching
  • Implementing research projects
  • Conducting examinations
  • Organizing recreational and extracurricular activities for students

Leader Vs Manager:

Most of us are good managers, but not necessarily good leaders. We often confuse between the two concepts. A manager tells his subordinates what to do, and both get paid for getting the job done. The relationship is essentially transactional. He needs a formal authority to exert that influence on his juniors. They are usually averse to taking risks and go by the book.

 However, a leader inspires his 'followers' to do as he says. The action of his followers is voluntary and the relationship is transformational. Leaders are essentially risk takers and think out of the box. Leaders have a vision. They take blame for what goes wrong and give credit where it is due. People are more loyal to leaders than managers because they manage to stir your emotions. It is said that managers do things right, while leaders do the right thing.  Management is essential for keeping things on track, and leadership is about creating new opportunities by motivating and inspiring others.


Team work


A team is a group of people with a common goal. A worldwide survey found that the most important values given for a team are their shared values, followed by mutual trust, inspiration and the last important thing being the rewards for the activity.


Although doctors are accountable for their conduct and practice on an individual basis, increasingly they must work in teams. Team working is necessary in many circumstances and the role of the doctor depends on the task to be done and the experience and knowledge needed. Increasingly new ways of working have developed in the health service, including more team and multi-disciplinary working. Another place where teachers need to work as a team is in curriculum planning.




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