US Bank Account Number is a place where non us residents can get detailed information on how to legally set up bank accounts in the usa (us bank accounts)

 Business / Corporate US Bank Account FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.What are the requirements ?

*Your US Company must have a physical address,  with employee(s).Mail forwarding address, P.O. Box , registered agent addresses are  not acceptable.

*Your US Company must have a website.

2. Does it work with Paypal?



3. Is there a minimum deposit?

There is no minimum balance after your account has been opened.There is also no monthly maintenance fee.


4. Do I need a US tax number

Yes !. You need an EIN number.You do not need an SSN.


5. How much can I withdraw per day?

You can withdraw up to $2500 a day with your master card debit card, wire transfer, and US Check


6. Can I use my Master card debit card in any country?

Yes. You can use your Master card debit card at any ATM where Master card is accepted.

7. Can anyone open an account?

Yes .