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    us bank business accounts is a place where non us residents can get detailed information on how to legally set up bank accounts in the usa (us bank accounts)





US Bank Account For Non Residents

Are You A Non U.S. Resident / citizen ?

Are you looking for someone to properly guide  you on how to open /set up a bank account  (legally) in the USA ?

If your answer to the questions above is "yes!".then Consider your problems to be over.

My Offer

For a small fee of only $19 (its not free) , am going to show you how to legally open a Personal bank account In the Us. The only requirements are 

1. your International Passport 

2.Your utility bill.

Note:Not etrade .


For a small fee of only $35 (its not free) , am going to show you how to legally open a business / corporate bank account in the United States. The requirements are :

1.Your US Company must have a physical address,  with employee(s). Mail forwarding , P. O.  Box ,  &   Registered Agent addresses are  not acceptable.

2.Your US Company must have a website.


Some Testimonials

 Thanks for  bailing a foreigner like me out. I used to think that opening a U.S. bank account was something that could easily  be done without any  guidance or help. I realized my mistake after 9 months and over 500 unsuccessful attempts trying to open a  U.S. bank account  on the internet. " .

Abraham Smith, United Kingdom. 

"I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your non resident bank account information.  I just verified my paypal account today. The  process was not as difficult as i  initially thought  it would be. "

- Stanislav


" This is great !. I received my account number today . Thanks very much for the wonderful service you are providing". 
- Mohammed  Hajani 

 " Wow !. Yesterday, the  U.S. bank  sent me  a Visa Debit card  and a check book. I must confess that You  guys are doing a great job by helping non residents like me  to open U.S. bank accounts. Please keep up the good work ".

- Kanika Abdel


"I formed an LLC within 24 hours  in the United States  but still could not open a U.S. bank account for my business after 10 months !. I found your website  and my problem was solved quick and easy. Thank you so so much". 
Naidu S. 

"Thanks. I  finally received the welcome kit from the US Bank just yersterday  ".