"In the Cloud" vs. "On the Desktop" ... Information Technology Resources

Nonprofit IT Resources uses the Internet exclusively to identify either software that (1) is executed through an Internet connection/browser ("Server side"  or "... in the Cloud") or (2) is downloaded to the user's computing resource for installation and execution ("Client side" or ... "on the Desktop"). 

"Open Source" could refer to the Server side/in the Cloud option since one of the accepted characteristics of Open Source is free use (1)  which meets the requirements for listing by Nonprofit IT Resources.  However, Nonprofit IT Resource elects to consider Open Source software, as does most of the IT industry, to be associated with software installed on the user's computer. 

You are invited to view the offerings identified by Nonprofit IT Resources by clicking either ... in the Cloud or ... on the Desktop.

"At the website" ... Website Creation 

Creating a website is a challenge in itself.  Maintaining it is a "lifetime" investment of time and energy.  It has the potential of being a major cost for the organization if commercial resources are used either internally (in-house) or externally (contractor).

For this reason Nonprofit IT Resources management realized the unending change needed to keep a website current, interesting and "sticky" (keep visitors viewing and returning) demanded time and energy.  Additionally, it has been proven that the best people to keep the website up-to-date and accurate are the staff of the nonprofit. 

As a result Nonprofit IT Resources elected to offer website consultation, creation and training for the nonprofit using a no-cost model both initially and on a continuing basis.  But then, the first question might be "does a nonprofit need a website?"  The following provides some answers:

There are two main reasons why a nonprofilt organization needs to have a website. The first is simply for exposure. Most individuals now receive a majority of their information from the Internet and not anywhere else. A strong Internet foothold allows people to see what kind of content, services and other information they desire about the nonprofit organization.

Without the website, it is nearly impossible for them to find this kind of information out, no matter how large or small the organization is. Here, the website is able to describe exactly what the non-profit services are for, what the money goes to help, what kind of people volunteer for the organization and anything else that people may want to know. Chances are, they are not going to contribute to the organization if they don't know what it is able to offer and where the money is going. People want to know how their money is being spent and how much of the money is actually being spent on the nonprofit aspect, and not for salaries and other individuals who are looking to bank on the nonprofit company.

All of this information must be known to the people, and there is no better way than to do it through the website. Even if the organization is just a local branch that runs on its own, the information is important, and with a website, it is possible to gain awareness from not just the local area, but all over the world. This is one of the truly great aspects of the world wide web.  Source:  Track and eTraining Solutions

The Nonprofit IT Resources model requires the sponsoring nonprofit to be involved in the creation process from the beginning.  For Nonprofit IT Resources to become the long-term maintainer would adversely affect its availability to service new clients.  Therefore, any website work accepted and performed by Nonprofit IT Resources would be accompanied by an agreement with the client that they, with training from the Nonprofit IT Resources staff, would assume maintenance of the website after it is established.

To satisfy this model the necessary elements were sought by Nonprofit IT Resources that provide, through cloud computing, free creation and maintenance software, and hosting without intrusive advertisements.   After an exhaustive analysis, Google Sites was selected and has proven to be an excellent choice. 

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(1)  The Open Source Definition.