From Our Audience

 What people are saying:

A friend saw the show yesterday and sat next to a Vet and asked him what he thought: He said he "never understood why those guys did what they did, but now, I guess I see it was different for everybody."

"Great world premiere... the play is wonderful, fascinating, provocative and resonant... actors were impressive... such talented professionals."  - Freida Lee Mock, Academy Award winning filmmaker

"A terrific show. Wonderful work."    -  Shuko Akune, Actress

"This is one of the best plays I've seen in many years. Superb in every way. All the performances were powerful and deeply moving."   -  Terry Sanders, Oscar winning Producer/Director

"Nights like this remind you of why you got into theater in the first place." - Lane Nishikawa, Actor, Writer, Director

"Amazing." - Joz, 8Asians

"So inspired by the show. So much talent in that room."  - Lily Mariye, Actress/Filmmaker

Steve Alden Nelson is a writer/actor living in Los Angeles.