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  • University of Kentucky
  • Association for Logic Programming

The publication of the seminal issue on Nonmonotonic Logics by the Artificial Intelligence journal in 1980 resulted in the new area of research in logic. This revolutionary development changed the paradigm of logic originated in antiquity, created an important area of mathematical logic, and resulted in exciting discoveries of logical techniques creating new bridges between logic, knowledge representation and computation. The research contributed to mathematical logic, computer science and philosophy, and changed the perspective on applications of logic.

This conference aims to sum up the experience of the first 30 years of nonmonotonic logics and talk about the future. The main idea is to combine longer invited talks covering all major research trends of the past 30 years with shorter technical presentations providing an account of the current research. Invited presentations will be published in an edited book. A special issue of an archival journal will provide a venue for technical presentations (a CFP will be distributed at a later time and a standard peer review process will be followed).