Course content

Introductory lectures
  1. Andy Clark, Signals of adaptation in genomes – where are they and how do we identify them? (slides, video)
  2. Matt Hare, Genomic sampling overview – reduced representation strategies (slides, video)
  3. Alex Buerkle, Applications of low coverage sequence data to genomics of species barriers and trait variation (slides, video)
  4. Pierre De Wit, Transcriptomes for population genomics and expression analysis (slides, video)
Lectures and exercises
  • Chen 
    1. RAD/GBS clustering strategies (video)
    2. Genetic map–assisted analyses, Mendelian filtering (video)
  • Buerkle 
All notes in one pdf file: notes.pdf
Text file with all R commands used in class: commands.R
Text files with different JAGS models: locusdiversitymodel.jags and locusFmodel.jags
    1. Probability basics for models of SNPs and genotypes (video)
    2. Hierarchical models for allele frequencies (video)
    3. F-models for population differentiation (video)
    4. Models for ancestry and introgression in hybrid zones (Admixture questions) (video)
    5. Bayesian modeling exercises in JAGS (video)
  • De Wit
    1. Transcriptome de novo assembly – algorithms and pipelines (video)
    2. Exercise: SNP/genotype calling & filtering (video)
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