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Experimental Femtosecond Laser Science

    1) To develop state-of-the art research in quantum optics, optical materials and advanced laser science.
    2) To synergize theoretical and experimental results.

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Some remarkable effects/applications of quantum & laser sciences:
  • Control optical properties of objects using lasers
  • Slowing of light signal down to few meters per second
  • Atomic clock (ultraprecise) for time/frequency standard
  • Nonclassical light for interferometry(gravitational wave detector)
  • Entanglement for quantum computing and communication.
  • Laser spectroscopy for detection of molecular species.
  • Control of atomic/molecular processes with laser pulses.

What we do

We develop theoretical and computational capabilities to study the physics in:a) generation, b) propagation and c) interactions of novel light sources in photonic structures and quantum systems.
The research topics involve multidisciplinary fields