The NonGeeks Network - plain English computer chat group

Welcome to the home page of the NonGeeks network.
A warm welcome to attend our monthly meeting is extended to all members of the Canberra PC Users Group and of U3A ACT (the Canberra University of the Third Age).
The NonGeeks network is a private computer chat group - a self help computer group for the less experienced. By private, we mean that we use private chat group hosted through a private website, so that are communications are kept free from hackers and spammers.  
We gather around a whiteboard once a month, put up questions and discuss. 
Between meetings we keep in touch through an email chat line, our private Googlegroup.  We also try to maintain a contact list to help members to network with each other directly if you wish.  This is circulated to network members from time to time.
You become a member of our network by attending its meetings and providing us with your contact details. 
  1. Engineering models followed by Google, Apple and Microsoft - extract from Eric Schmidt talk to Salesforce convention

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