Statistical Methods in Linguistics

The weekly mini-course "Introduction to Statistical Methods in Linguistics" will be taught by Dr. Amir Zeldes of the Humboldt University of Berlin during the week that follows the summer school (July 1 - July 5). Registered students of the Hebrew University will be able to get credits for the course (course no. 10817), all  other participants are warmly welcome to attend.

Quantitative approaches emphasizing the role of empirical data for grammatical description are increasingly being used in a variety of linguistic disciplines. This graduate level course presents foundational notions and methods for statistical evaluation of linguistic data which are necessary both for the practice and the understanding of current quantitative research. The course requires no previous knowledge of statistical methods and conveys the necessary skills for practical application of statistical tests using the freely available statistics software “R”.
Gries, Stefan Th. (2010), Statistics for Linguistics With R: A Practical Introduction. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.