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The Game of Snakes & Foxes

Our latest creation ... the classic hunt & escape board game SNAKES & FOXES.

As played by children all across RandLand, you and a partner must enter the realm of the Snakes & Foxes at the center of the board, run to the edge, and return to the center and escape without being eaten by the snakes or foxes.

Unlike the classic children's game, this game is winnable, though it requires both great skill and luck!  The PDF contains all the rules as well as a sample board and game pieces; you'll require six standard six-sided dice (or play the optional diceless variant). The game may be played solo or with two players.

Remember: "Courage to strengthen, fire to blind; music to dazzle, iron to bind!"

A picture of the game board of SNAKES & FOXES at the start of the game.

An example of a Snakes & Foxes game board using these rules (click on image to expand):

Start of the game     

Video demonstration:

Snakes and Foxes Demo

It's often been asked why there are only 8 rays and 16 pieces in this version of the game, compared to the 20 pieces described in the Wheel of Time books. There are two possible explanations:

1. Robert Jordan, in his transcription, got it wrong.  After all, the wheel has turned many times since, and such stories have passed into first history, then legend, then myth, so it is possible details have shifted with the passing of time.  

2. Or, this makes the board more manageable and less crowded, and provides for an opportunity to actually win, where more enemies would make the game unwinnable.

Which is true is left as an exercise for the reader, but the Aelfinn and Eelfinn themselves have advised me that I have this right.

SNAKES & FOXES copyright (c) 2013, No Name Publishing.
Jeff Caird,
Jan 20, 2013, 11:17 AM