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Dejarik Holochess

DEJARIK HOLOCHESS is a brutal game of gladiatorial combat and positioning. 

Our homemade Dejarik board and artwork by 

Our version of Dejarik is an adaptation of Mike Kelly's HOLOCHESS rules originally published on, and is played with a circular chessboard, eight monster figures, and six-sided dice. Three files are provided: one with the rules, one with Creature Cards for game play, and one with quick reference rules.

Our Dejarik set

Here's a video tutorial of the rules:

Let's Play Dejarik Holochess

Other versions of fan Dejarik Rules:

Mike Kelly's original HOLOCHESS rules. Originally published at

Version 2.0 JCV based on the Lenovo Jedi Challenges AR game variant, attached below.

Star Geek's video History of Dejarik and How to Play (Mike Kelly rules).

Star Wars Artisanal Dejarik Rules.

Paper Dragon Folding Dejarik Rules.

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