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Mission: to investigate the dawn of sweatshops in early industrial capitalism to inform the current crisis of global expansion and the feminization of labor. Includes a knit/crocheted blanket of protest made of blocks sent by individual petitioners and a needlepoint animation of the Triangle Shirt Waist tragedy.


Behind The Label

“A multimedia news website covering the stories of people fighting for fundamental human and labor rights against the goliath global clothing industry” Global and Domestic news, video stories of the workers themselves.


The Clean Clothes Campaign

Organizes lots of campaigns

“Urgent Appeals” program where workers and organizations can contact CCC and they will provide support and international exposure.

Suggestions on how you can take action—online petitions, sending letters to political leaders, sending letters to companies, etc (sample letters and email addresses provided)


Educating For Justice

A US based nonprofit organization that “works to educate and empower people to take action to end social justice.” They develop lectures and films that can be taken to schools, community groups and conferences. They raise awareness through grassroots educational events and online resources.


Global Exchange

An international human rights organization. Website has information on war, peace, democracy and the global economy which can be accessed by subject or region. Organize events and speakers all over the country—schedules can be found on website.


The International Labor Rights Fund

Advocates for and with working poor around the world. Campaigns, litigation and news articles organized by date and topic. An emphasis on child labor. Online petitions, emailed action alerts.


Maquila Solidarity Network

Labor and women’s rights advocacy group promoting solidarity with grassroots groups in Mexico, Central America and Asia. Based in Canada. Campaigns, Action Tools and Resource Center.  ttp://


The National Labor Committee

Investigates and exposes human rights abuses committed by US companies producing goods in the global south. Public education, research, popular campaigns. Provide international visibility to workers’ struggles and press for international legal changes. News articles organized by region.


Peace though IntraAmerican Community Action

Community based campaign with a global focus.

Fair Trade Federation

An association of fair trade wholesalers, retailers and producers. Directly links low-income producers with consumer markets. Has links to retail stores, wholesalers, mail order catalogs, online catalogs and producers.

Unite Here

Created from the merging of UNITE (Union of Needle trades, Industrial and Textile Employees) and HERE (Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union). Majority of members are women. Goal: “organizing the unorganized.”  USA and Canada


Sweat Free Communities

Local campaigns and activism, coalitions of diverse anti-sweatshop groups, resources for local and state level activism.

Witness for Peace

Goal: to change US policies and corporate practices which contribute to poverty and oppression in Latin America and the Caribbean. Suggestions on how to take action to influence legislation.

Labour Behind the Label

Educate consumers, lobby companies and government, raise awareness, and encourage international solidarity with workers. Website includes news and information to help you to take a stand and write letters to corporations. Also includes a campaign to educate students at fashion schools about the situation of the workers who produce their designs. Part of the Clean Clothes Campaign.


US LEAP (Labor Education in the Americas Project)

Supports workers in Central America, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico, especially those who are employed by US companies.


Sweatshop Watch

USAS- United Students Against Sweatshops


Campaign for Labor Rights

Garment Industry Development Corporation

Resource Center of the Americas