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Important Update as of July 28, 2009!!!
Yay! It would seem we've won this one!
The following is an email that was sent to one of our FACT members from the District Manager of Marinwood Community Services District:
Dear Erika,

The CSD received a letter today (dated July 28th) from ZON Architects 

stating that T-mobile had advised them that they had withdrawn their 

proposal to lease space on CSD property.


Thomas D. Horne, District Manager

Marinwood Community Services District

775 Miller Creek Rd, San Rafael, CA 94903

415 479-7751

415 479-7759 FAX

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their valuable time and considerable talents 
To assure that our community stays safe for our families, children, medically fragile 
individuals and property values!  Should anything change, we will be sure to keep everyone
apprised of the situation! Hooray!!!!!
Check out CLOUT & sign or endorse their petition:   


Coalition for Local Oversight of Utility Technologies https://www.cloutnow.org/ 

Another group working hard to keep individuals and families safe from the detrimental effects of EMF's

UPDATE - Board meeting recap: We had a nice turn-out for the board meeting - it was a packed room with some folks having to stand at the back. All attendees were given 3 minutes to discuss non-agenda items at the beginning of the meeting, which, with the number of attendees, ended up taking over an hour just on the tower topic. 
There were approximately 3 or so individuals who spoke in favor of the  tower, and approximately 15 or so individuals who spoke against the proposed tower. The emphasis was on the potential risks of electromagnetic radiation emitted from the tower, and displeasure regarding the suggested location for the tower. 
The board was very courteous in listening to our views and stated that they will not refuse to consider the proposal from T-mobile, but also that they would not move forward with the project without obtaining input from the residents via specially called meetings on the subject.
The board also acknowledged that once a tower is installed, other vendors can 'piggy-back' onto the tower, so the tower would very likely end up with multiple transmitters. They also indicated that when this occurs the tower is usually heightened to make room for the additional transmitters. (Note: additional transmitters = increased levels of electromagnetic radiation in the area. Some scientific studies indicate that the effects are cumulative and dose related. The board was presented with copies of approx. 5-7 studies showing detrimental effects to humans and wildlife near towers. There are many more studies available, however, due to time constraints only a limited number of the studies were able to be copied included in the packets)
They requested that any studies which show adverse health or other detrimental effects of towers be sent to Tom Horne: thorne@marinwood.org , Fax: 415-479-7759, Telephone: 415-479-7751
They agreed to list on their website what the process is for proposals such as this, so that the community can be better informed on such matters.
At this point the Marinwood Board has not received a formal proposal from T-mobile. Once they do the Board President stated that they would call a meeting for public input regarding the proposal .
It was interesting to note that apparently the board was approached in the past, approximately four years ago, regarding a similar proposal which they denied, although they would not disclose why it was denied at that time.
If you would like to review the minutes from the board meeting, they indicated that they post draft minutes shortly thereafter on their website: http://www.marinwood.org/  (as of this update they were not yet posted)
Additionally, they mentioned that there will be openings on the board coming up this Fall, and invited the group and individuals of the community to apply.
Most individuals who were there to speak regarding the tower left after the public comment section was closed. There were scattered individuals who remained outside the center discussing the meeting and how they felt the commentary was received. Some individuals indicated that they felt the Board President was in favor of the tower (due to her manner of speaking on the subject), and that the other members presented a more neutral affect. However no statement was made either way (in favor or not in favor) by any board member.
Despite the known risks of Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) to children and the medically fragile, the Marinwood Community Board is considering the placement of a 20 - 40 foot Mobile phone communications tower near the community center and fire station. These towers send and receive Radio Frequency (RF) waves, which is a form of EMR.
A Marinwood board member indicated that the move to accept the proposal for the tower is in order to protect those who may be hiking in the hills, enabling them to have cell service should they have an emergency. However, the board, like most government agencies in California, is having budget issues, and it has been suggested by some residents in the area that the move is purely to boost their bottom line and improve their budget.
The EMF's have documented health risks for developing children.
  • Multiple studies demonstrate increased rates of leukemia in children who live or go to school in close proximity to cell towers * (follow this link for references)
    • There is a preschool in the community center
    • There are multiple leisure classes for parents and children in the community center
    • There is a playground and swimming pool frequented by children at the community center.
    • There is a private kindergarten through 8th grade school down Idylberry road from the community center.
EMF's have documented health risks for the medically fragile and those with implanted medical devices. EMF's can cause pacemakers to malfunction EMF's can cause implanted defibrillators to malfunction.
Cell Phone towers are unsightly and historically have reduced the property values of the neighborhoods in which they have been placed. (follow this link for more info on property value drops due to towers) 
  • People are hesitant to buy homes near towers due to the potential health risks.
  • Towers are not attractive - would you buy your next home near a 20-40 foot tower?!?
  • Property values are already down - do we really want to take the chance of driving them down farther?
The Lucas Valley Home Owners Association did the smart thing and turned down an offer for a cell tower just a few months ago. We need to be sure the Marinwood board does the same thing. Right now they are leaning towards accepting the proposal for the tower unless residents show them that they don't want it!
Please see the links to the left for more specific information on the risks of EMF's including:
  • Why most of the UK and Europe are now banning wifi and towers in and around schools
  • Why multiple organizations support the banning of wifi and towers in highly populated areas
  • Copies of the scientific studies performed which demonstrate higher cancer rates and other adverse effects in those living or working near cell towers.
PLUS: You will find links to further information on why a tower on the community center is a BAD IDEA!
Let's keep signs like this OUT of Marinwood!
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