Ernest and Urmat are our drivers who can pick you up or drop you off at the airport. Or they can take you to one of the interesting or beautiful sites around Bishkek.


Airport pick-up

We can pick you up at the international airport Manas, at whatever time you arrive. It is 600 som for the car. You can also take an offical taxi: their fixed price is 800 som. You better avoid the unofficial taxi: their prices are higher and they may cheat you. Of course we can pick you up from other places as well.


Airport drop-off

We can also drop you off at the airport, at whatever time you want. It is 500 som for the car. You can share the car with other tourists. If you are alone, we can call an official taxi for you: their fixed price is 700 som.



Around Bishkek there are several interesting and beautiful places to visit. Ernest can take you to:

  • Ala-Archa canyon: this canyon is south of Bishkek. It is a nice place to experience the Kyrgyz nature in a daytrip or to start a do-it-yourself hiking trek of several days.  The round trip costs 1800 som for the car whick can take four persons. You are welcome to find other tourists to share our car. Tourists who stay in other guesthouses are welcome too!
  • Issyk-Ata Spa: the round trip costs 1500 som for the car (maximum of four persons).
  • Burana Tower (minaret) and Ak-Beshim Historic Site: 1500
  • Kochkor: this is a good place to start a horse or hiking trek into Kyrgyzstan's beautiful high mountains. From Kochkor you can visit Song Kol, the alpine lake at 3000 meters above sea level. There you'll see and - if you want - take part in the ordinary shepard's life. Several community based groups can help you, like 'CBT plus ECO'. The round trip to Kochkor costs 2000 som (one-way) for the car, which can take four persons.