How to get to Nomad's Home


Nomad's Home is located at Drevesnaya10(Russian:Древесная), just behind the Eastern Bus Station.


Pick-up at the airport

We can pick you up at the international airport Manas, whatever time you arrive. It is 500 som for the car. You can also take an official taxi: their fixed price is 700 som. You better avoid the unofficial taxi: their price is higher and they may cheat you.

Of course we can pick you up from other places as well.


Getting to Nomad's Home by minibus or trolley bus

Take a minibus or trolley bus to the Eastern Bus Station and walk in 2 minutes to Nomad's Home.

How to get to Eastern Bus Station:

  1. from Western (new) Bus Station: take minibus (marshrutka) #114 to Eastern (old) Bus Station (10 minutes).
  2. from the corner of Sovietskaya Street and Jibek Jolu Street (see map below): take trolley bus #8, minibus #100 or #118 to Eastern Bus Station (2-3 minutes). Or walk along Jibek Jolu Street in east direction (20 minutes).
  3. from Sovietskaya Street: take trolley bus #8 or minibus #100 to Eastern Bus Station.

Tell the driver "Staryi Avtovokzal [Staaryi Avtavakzal]" and he will tell you where to get off.

The trolley bus costs 8 som; a minibus 10 som. 
Tel: +996 773 067581 (mobile: English, Russian or Japanese)        Booking: