Move, Mr.Brayton, time is falling behind

This is the holding cell for No-Life,
A storyline based in the Half Life 2 Universe.
Each chapter has its own dedicated page which will be updated when corrections are made.
All ideas/characters based in the Half Life Universe are property of Valve,
however human main characters are not.
My main email is
Its also my MSN.
My STEAM account is Swilly,
My full name is William Karl Brayton, yes the same name as the main character.
All human main characters are real people in fact.
Swilly and Vengful_Soldier are my main two accounts on a whole bunch of websites.
Those sites include Facepunch Forums and
If you like the story, great :D
If you think it needs work like I do, then tell me where to fix
If you hate it, at least tell me why, and legitimate reasons please.