The Harts, Cybill, Moonlighting & 
The Love Boat


As far as I know there were three  Hart to Hart "cross-overs" to other television shows. Scroll down to see the Hart's connection with MoonlightingCybill and The Love Boat.


It's a Wonderful Job. Air Dates: 16 Dec 1986, 29 Dec 1987

This episode is loosely based on Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life, and is the second of two Moonlighting Christmas episodes. The other one is T'was the Episode Before Christmas. 

It's nine days before Christmas, and Maddie has asked the office staff to
work over the holidays because there's so much work to do. They are angry and resentful and threaten to quit. Maddy becomes angry and says she wishes that she'd never kept the Blue Moon offices open, and that the last two years had never happened.

In a bar, trying to forget her unhappiness, she meets Albert. Albert says he's her guardian angel, who has come to earth to grant her wish. Suddenly, the last two years never happened, she and David never went into the Blue Moon business together, and Albert shows her what the lives of the people around her have become. Agnes is the president of a rhyming greeting card company. David marries Cheryl Tiegs. What had been the Blue Moon offices now belong to the
Hart Detective Agency . Maddy goes to the Hart Detective Agency and meets Max and Freeway.

In this way, Albert shows her that without them, Maddie has had "a very bad year."
Then she wakes up, thinking that it has all been a dream, and relieved that the world has gone back to the way it had always been. She realizes that she would have missed Blue Moon if Albert had taken it away from her. She returns to the offices to find David, Agnes, and MacGilicuddy. She makes her peace with them, cancels all Blue Moon work for the holidays, and gives David a very passionate kiss on an office desk.



Episode 1, Series 1 Virgin, Mother Crone

As usual the episode starts with Cybill's adventures as a struggling actress. This time she is playing a dead body on a Hart movie. In the scene, she plays dead, while the Harts wonder who could've done it. When the director says "cut ", Cybill gets up, and chats with RJ and Stef about them giving her a break , and how much she loves their show.

The Love Boat

Thanks to Brian for letting me know that the Harts were connected to another show- The Love Boat. They appeared in a Fall Preview episode in November 1983 with other characters from ABC shows. 
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