Hart Residence



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 The Hart's house in the series

The Hart's original home was a magnificent house at 3100 Willow Pond Drive, Bel Air. California, 29042. The Hart's home telephone numbers have been quoted as: 555-1654, 555-3223 and 555-2929.

The house was built in the 1920s and it and the architect that designed it - Lawrence Freeman -was famous. He even donated the house plans to the Sorbonne in Paris.


The real house including aerial views

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The House set

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The Hart's new house in the movies.

 The Harts were forced to leave their home in the 1990s when their house burnt down- see the first telemovie, Hart to Hart returns.  


They moved to a rented home near the beach. It was a complete contrast to their mansion, as it was very modern, with lots of glass, magnificent views and mostly decorated in white.  They picked the beach as Jennifer wanted to hear the surf at night- but it she couldn't sleep as the noise disturbed her.  The new house only featured in two of the movies, as in the others they were traveling and stayed in hotels. 


The Hart's new house in the movies.