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March 2009

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Bowdler, Roger: London: Severn House Publishers Ltd, 1981 . ISBN: 0727807935 © Spelling-Goldberg Productions.

This book is a novelization of six episodes:

  • What murder?
  • Ex-wives can be murder
  • 'Tis the season to be murdered
  • Murder is a drag
  • Murder wrap
  • The Hart-shaped murders

The promotional blurb on the cover reads as follows:

"Imagine coming to after a knock on the head to find that the Rolls that you are driving is really your own.... That the crusty, cheerful old showman wiht a voice like rusty nails is your friend and trusted hired hand, Max....That the gorgeous beauty in your arms, with raven curls as big as bangles, is your devoted wife Jennifer.....And, most incredibel of all, that you are the prime suspect for a murder that you're not even sure you didn't commit...

That's Joanthan Hart . He can get himself into trouble quicker than a bee in a honey pot. But luckliy for Jonathan, Jennifer and Max are always close to lend a hand.

Roger Bowdler shows the trio here in some of their wildest escapades ever."

The cover also says that the book it is "based on the highly successful T.V. series staring Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers". However, I found it odd to read descriptions of the characters that we love and know so well:

"[Stanley] did not normally approve of bosses' wives muscling in, but he could forgive a looker like Mrs Hart for anything. One glance at her high grade, baby doll, high price bracket china blue eyes set him up for the day, framed as they were in a cartouche of scrambled blonde curls" (p.93)

Although some of the dialogue is straight out of the series, the descriptions aren't. Maybe the book was written from the scripts, before the actors were cast? If so, it seems to prove Stefanie Powers' comments that "the network didn't want me at all. RJ and Tom insisted and took a very firm stand. I'm sure if they hadn't I wouldn't have been on the show at all.. " ( Feb l983 Interview by David Wallace with S. Powers.: "Tom turned Hart to Hart into what it is." )




I have no publication details of this annual. It consists of stories and cartoons about the Harts:

  • The Jenni collection
  • The Freeway affair
  • The Max murders
Biographies that mention Hart to Hart


Publisher: HarperEntertainment; 1 edition (September 23, 2008)

  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0061373311
  • ISBN-13: 978-0061373312
  • Amazon describes RJ's biography as follows

    From Publishers Weekly
    Actor and producer Wagner begins this engaging memoir by recalling his childhood fascination with movies and the Hollywood community. Determined to become a part of that world, in 1942, at age 12, he worked as a golf caddy, struggling to make contact with those who could help him. As an 18-year-old Fox contract player, he got a foothold with minor roles: I wasn't very good in this period, but I was diligent. Soon he scored with Prince Valiant in 1954, and A Kiss Before Dying, thus beginning a six-decade career in theater, television series and more than 100 movies. His rule of thumb: Find smart people and listen to them. Along the way, he realized friends and family were equally as important as show business, and he writes with fondness and humor about his close friendships with David Niven and others while painting a backdrop of Hollywood in transition. As for the women in Wagner's life, he details one-night stands, his four-year affair with Barbara Stanwyck (who was twice his age) and his four marriages (twice to Natalie Wood). His love for Wood threads throughout, and his memory of her last night is chilling as he leads the reader step-by-step through her 1981 disappearance from their boat and the search for her body. (Oct.)
    Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


    Heart to Heart with Robert Wagner. [n.p.] Robson Books, 1986. ISBN: 0-860513920

    The authors,Diana Maychick and L. Avon-Borgo, say that "Robert Wagner's name instantly conjures images of sophistication, elegance, and charm. Star of television's It takes a Thief, and Hart to Hart, R.J. Wagner has achieved a reputation as an instant moneymaker. With the remarkable ability to be both polished and mischievous, urbane and boyish, he reigns unchallenged as television's Prince Charming"

    Then they ask: "But who is the man underneath the charm?...."


    Comics that feature Hart to Hart

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