Hart Talk 



Scroll down to read what RJ, Stefanie and Lionel thought about Hart to Hart,
and the characters that they played.

What Stefanie thinks  of  Hart to Hart
  • Stefanie says that one of the greatest compliments was that the Harts crossed cultural lines. She recalls arriving in Rome during a bout of terrorist activity." A woman screamed at the top of her lungs and everybody hit the deck! It turned out she had recognized me and kept shouting in Italian, calling me Jennifer, and went berserk." 1

  • "You often hear people who worked on a series say, 'It was a great family.' It truly was with us. I've never been associated with two more supportive individuals in my life." 2
  • "Everyone loved the show. It made people feel good. For RJ and me it was a labour of love. I hoped it would carry on for years because we were very happy." 3
  • "Hart to Hart was the happiest five years of any period of my professional life." 4

What Stefanie thinks of Jennifer
  • When Stefanie was asked if her personality was similar to your Jennifer Hart. She replied "I think to a certain extent. There's certainly a lot of oneself... I mean, I'm doing it! Although I'd like to think that I'm 100% taken over by the character, one can't help but bring a lot of oneself." 5  
  • I like Jennifer Hart who is a woman similar to me, but not exactly like me. I like the fact that she is an independant woman who has a career. 6
  • "Jennifer Hart, is a character I play. Of course I like to bring elements of myself to her because I am the actress playing her. But when I take my makeup off after the show it goes down the drain." 7
  • I never thought that women had to assert themselves in order to be recognized.... I think that Jennifer is the sort of character that if Jonathan wasn't there she would try and defend herself, and maybe able to do that with karate or whatever. But I think that as long as he's there, its probably better to let him do it." 8

What Stefanie thinks of the Harts
  • "We create the sort of couple people would like to be, they are two people having a love affair who happen to be married." 9
  • "Both of us agreed that the most viable and most interesting rapport was of two adults who had, number one, respect for one another and number two a great deal of love. It's possible to have rapport and respect and conversation and even disagreement without it shaking the fundamentals of your relationship. " I think this was a relationship of complicity and you have to be a real adult to understand what that means. It's not a juvenile relationship. Isn't it interesting how maybe it takes these kinds of excesses for people to come back to some kind of a reasonable sense of what entertainment is supposed to be about........ We've had people come up to us and say, I watched your show when I was a child and you were always my ideal of what a relationship was supposed to be like." 10
  • "There was, from the very beginning, this kind of unwritten, or even unspoken, acceptance that these characters were two people who never had to qualify their relationshipl It was clear that they had chosen to be with each other."  11
  • "We were a role-model married couple for people all over the world. Jennifer Hart was the modern career woman who always put her husband first - and I applaud that. If a woman wants a good marriage, much like the Harts she can't think of herself first all the time. "Every woman wants a marriage like that. Jennifer and Jonathan truly loved each other and the viewers could see that in their every word and action. We were proof positive that TV viewers wanted to see happy marriages in action." 12
  • "Bob and I play a pair of marrieds, very rich, very sophisticated - and very human. They have nothing to do career-wise, but they are always up to something all over the globe : slolving crime, walking into traps, and escaping danger. I think its a chance to see a married couple that act like they like being together. " 13

What RJ thinks of Jonathan
  • Jonathan is my favourite role of all time." 14
  • "The character is a man who has great flexibilty. He is a self-made man who is using his fortune to enjoy life with the girl he loves, while at the same time trying to hang onto his privacy."  15 


What RJ thinks of Hart to Hart
  • Hart to Hart has been a gift for me. I mean, from the begining, it just a very wonderful feeling about it." 16
  • "We've had a lot of fun together. Traveled all over the world together, been in many, many situations together and that kind of parallels the Harts. We bring a lot of ourselves to these characters. There's a rhythm. We improvise a great deal, and I've never had that in a working relationship with anyone else before." 17
  • "The whole thrust is the material. Stefanie and I work hard at trying to have us used in the right way. The problems that happen sometimes is by the script getting overloaded plot. What we don't want is to stand there and play the plot. We want a chance to reveal our relationship and reveal our lifestyle, and the way we operate within it. Sometimes it gets complicated, so Stefanie and I just try to make it the best we can. We improvise a lot.It is part of being an actor, especially in a TV series because we have been playing these characters to long and know Jonthan and Jennifer very well. We need the writers to come up with the right kind of material for us." 18
  • Sometimes people think we really are Jonathan and Jennifer Hart and that gets kinda weird but it's beautiful too. The show's a fairy-tale and most people love fairy-tales. 19
  • RJ describes Hart to Hart as "a high-style-comedy-love-story involving two people who get caught up in an adventure week after week."20
  • "Well, I think that it (glamour) was very important, but the most important thing was the romance. I think that the romance and the adventure. 21
  • "It's a lost art getting a show with such high style, such high intensity, making it a success. Hart to Hart is like being back in the old Hollywood studio system. The thought of it not going on a little bit longer is something I really don't want to think about." 22

What RJ thinks of the Harts
  • The relationshiop that we (the Harts) have is one of great admiration, great care and great love, and that is waht we started off to do. That was the whole idea of the show- to do this type of relationship.  23
  • "The Hart to Hart combination was and still is, pure magic. Perhaps by ourselves Stefanie and I cannot make a go of it, but together as Jonathan and Jennifer we have a lot of charisma."  24

What Lionel thought of Hart to Hart

  • " All I can say is it´s been an honor and privilege to work with such wonderful people as RJ and Stefanie and I´m delighted to have the opportunity to work with them again. 25
  • "I like the part I play. You see, I'm kind of like the child the Harts didn't have.."  26