Hart Industries

 Hart Industries is a huge, multi-billion dollar conglomerate. Not only is Jonathan Hart one of America's richest men, he is also a leading industrialist and philanthropist.

About Hart Industries.

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 Hart Industries It is a public corporation with Jonathan  as  Chairman of the Board as well as Chief Executive Officer. Jonathan has majority holdings and owns 51% of the common stock. He and Jennifer both retain one seat each on the board, and this has helped Jonathan thwart at least two hostile takeovers.

 Hart Industries is comprised of over twenty interlocking subsidiaries. Each subsidiary is completely owned by the parent company, Hart Industries. Jonathan started the company with $1500 after he ended his career in the Navy in 1965.  It went public with it's first stock  offering which was released on the  30 March, 1969.  

The first customer order for Hart Industries was from the U.S. Federal Government. By the year 2000, Hart Industries is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. The Harts are multi-millionaires because of their stock holdings in the company, and by the end of the series in 1984, Jonathan was worth in excess of US$200M (200 million American dollars). Some of the twenty companies are listed further down the page.


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The  head office is located at 112 North Las Palmas; Los Angeles California . 
Telephone # 555-1271 .

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Hart Industries assets and holdings

  • Aerospace Research Centre
  • Chemistry Research
  • Computer Research and Development
  • Electronics Division
  • Experimental Agricultural Range 
  • Federal Services Division  
  • Hart Shipping
  • Hartoy (children's toys)
  • Research Division- (LA and Kyoto Japan)
  • Hartscan Minerals Development   



Jonathan's staff

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Jonathan had various secretaries over the years.
Deanne (left) was his first secretary. Miss Waring from Season 5, is on the right.

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  Stanley Freissan is always on hand to help Jonathan with information,
usually to do with investigations to solve crime