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How did the Harts meet?

Jonathan and Jennifer first met by chance -in London at the bar of the Hotel Ritz after Jennifer had tried (unsuccessfully) to get an interview with Jonathan. See Two Harts Are Better Than One. They had a brief courtship, and we learnt in Operation Murder that they went kite flying on their first date. (This was not shown in Two Harts Are Better Than One).

Jonathan proposed by unveiling a banner from the Tower Bridge in London. Stefanie explained that "Jonathan is about to leave, and he waylays her, and they stop on the South Bank in London. While she's ranting away, he says, "Would you just be quiet and turn around!" And dropping from Tower Bridge is a sign saying, "Would you marry me?" We knew what was going on, but could you imagine what all the commuters going home thought?...."1

We never saw the wedding, but in the episode Blue and Broken Harted, we saw the church where they married, and met some of Jonathan's friends who attended the wedding. The Harts honeymooned in San Francisco's Napa Valley, and we visited where they honeymooned when they revisited the Napa Valley on their anniversary in On a bed of Harts. (This was filmed at the famous Auberge du Soleil in Napa, California.) In this episode we learn that their honeymoon bed was a French National treasure, and has a priceless mural hidden in the headboard.

Jonathan's first Christmas present to Jennifer was a gold bracelet, stolen in the Jingle Gram scam, but later recovered. (A Christmas Hart) and he continued to buy her many presents over the years, including a 10 carat diamond ring on their 5th wedding anniversary - he could not buy a 5 carat ring. Jennifer said that she could "grow into it." (Hart of glass)

 Why didn't they have any children?

  • Robert Wagner believes that fans wouldn't accept the Hart's danger-laden lives if kids were a part of the show. " I mean (viewers) got crazy when we'd go away without the dog." 2
  • Even so, if the series did not end when it did the Harts would have had to face the loss of a child. Stefanie admitted that during season five, the ratings were slipping so the writing team knew that they had to do something different. In effect the format of the show was going to be altered in some way anyway. The idea was to have a plot concerning a baby for the Harts , and Jennifer would have a miscarriage. The baby plot was to have extended over two or more episodes and Stefanie said "we were going to have all of these running things and it was going to be a lot of fun" .3 (Thanks for the quote information Sarah).
  • In an interview with a caller to the Tom Snyder show asked the famous question "How come Jonathan and Jennifer never had any kids?" Stefanie told the equally famous story about the fan who wrote the story for season six see above) then finished up by saying "In answer to your question - it just never seemed a practical thing to do."4(Thanks for the quote Sarah)  
  • Lionel Stander thought that Max was " kind of like the child the Harts didn't have." 5 

 What were the Hart monograms?
Jonathan joked that he had to marry someone with a name beginning with the letter "J", as it would match the monograms on his towels and bathrobes. The Harts were very into monograms, and Jonathan used the letter "H" as part of the decoration at his building - Hart Industries. The Harts also used a two-heart symbol logo from time to time.


  Two hearts

The Hart's golf buggy had their heart logo on the front, with , one heart slightly overlapping the other with the first heart in red and the second was blue - next to which was written 'Hart'. Another time this appeared with both hearts in red and the word "Hart " was in blue. 


In the Hart Shaped Murders, the Harts give Valentine gifts of a chocolate sculpture of their heart logo- intertwined hearts, eight inches tall, standing on a thick base of chocolate. Written on the hearts, in white chocolate, were the words : "From our Hearts to Yours" 

 In the episode The Shooting Jennifer modeled jeans that Hart Industries were connected with in a commercial. On the rear pocket of the jeans were the two hearts logo, : the right  slightly overlapping the left.

 The Harts had a racehorse "JJ Hart" in the episodeThe Hartbreak kid- and their double heart logo was used once more on the stable door, the outside of the stable and the riding clothes.

   Other logos 

 "H" is for "Hart" - the doors at Hart Industries

"H" is for "Hart" - the original gate at the house on the left, and the new gate on the right.

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"JHJ" was printed on the gate at the entrance to their ranch  in The Shooting.


   What was Max's last name ?
 Max's name begins with the letter "B", but as it is not mentioned, only written it will depend on the quality of your video as to whether you can decipher his signature or not. 
Check out the following episodes:

  • In Always Elizabeth we see a letter from Max at Elizabeth's New York house- but there is no last name

  •  In What Becomes A Murder Most Max signs for Jennifer's coat and it looks like he signed the name "Beeman" or "Breneer"
  • In Harts and Fraud Max signs a receipt for the papers being served to Jennifer. 
  • In Ex-wives Can Be Murder you can see his signature on a cheque (check). 

 What was Max's relationship to Jonathan?

Jonathan was an orphan and met Max after high school , and Max took him out of the orphanage , and bought him a black 1950 Ford convertible so that he could show up at college in style. It seems that he also steered Jonathan away from a life of crime, and he explained to an amnesic Jonathan that he wasn't one of society's leading citizens when they first met. (What murder?)

He was more than the Hart's chauffeur, or house-man. He was their friend and they introduced him to outsiders as such. More than that, he was part of the family. Max called them "Mr and Mrs H." and was Jonathan's best man when he married Jennifer. (What murder? ). He tells Jonathan in What murder?, that Jennifer was the best thing that happened to "us." He knows that he is a family member.


What didn't the Hart's live in the same house in the movies?
The Harts were forced to leave their home in the 1990s when their house burnt down- see the first telemovie, Hart to Hart returns. They moved to a rented home near the beach. It was a complete contrast to their mansion, as it was very modern, with lots of glass, magnificent views and mostly decorated in white. (They picked the beach as Jennifer wanted to hear the surf at night- but it she couldn't sleep as the noise disturbed her.) The new house only featured in two of the movies, as in the others they were traveling and stayed in hotels.

In the above photo, Jennifer and Jonathan survey the
remains of their house (Hart to Hart returns)