The "Jennifer Hart" rose


 As we all know, Max created the "Jennifer Hart Rose"  in honour of Jennifer in the episode Harts and Flowers. As a result the Harts were in danger once more. However, the rose was not just the product of a scriptwriter's imagination, as the rose existed outside of the series.

  About the rose

The rose is described in Roses hybridized by Jack E. Christensen as: "JENNIFER HART (AROart*) P.P.#5219 -- Red Hybrid Tea of the "Hart to Hart" TV series. [No longer sold.]"

.Planting ceremony at Columbia Studios

Columbia Studios planted 30,000 of the roses in a ceremony tied to the Harts and Flowers episode. A precentage of profits from sales of the rose went toward The American Heart Foundation.

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From the episode Harts and  Flowers

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