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March 2009
This page is under construction, so any section  noted as "coming soon"  will be added soon.
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 Hart to Hart on DVD and video 

  • Details of the videos and DVDs that are officially available .

 Information about RJ and Stefanie

  • This is not a fan page for RJ or Stefanie so this section gives you a step-by-step guide where to find more information about them and their careers. 

 Awards - coming soon

  • A list of nominations for Hart to Hart for the Emmys, Golden Globe, and People's Choice (America). Despite being so popular, Hart to Hart only won one Emmy in 1983

 Advertising - coming soon

  • A selection of advertising   from the ABC network 
  • Advertising from various American networks from Tv Guides
  • Official advertising for the movies


  • Character biographies of Jonathan, Jennifer, Max and Freeway.
  • Does not include biographies or career details about Stefanie, RJ or Lionel. 

Cancellation of the series

  •  Why the TV series was cancelled
  • The reaction to the cancellation of the show

 Cars and jet 

  • details  and photos about the cars the Hart's owned

  • details  and photos about the Hart's jet

 Discussion List 

  • Instructions  on how to join my discussion list at Yahoo Groups .

 Episode guide

  • Synopsis for all episodes and movies


  • What was the Hart's monograms ("H" , "JHJ" and double linked hearts).
  • Why didn't the Hart's have any children? 
  • What was Max's last name?
  • What was Max's relationship to Jonathan ?
  • Why did the Hart's live in a different house in the television movies?


  • his breed
  • how he was trained for Hart to Hart
  • his background and his real name
  • photos
  • details about Freeway Jnr from the movies.

 Front Covers

  • TV guides with the Harts on the front cover

  • General magazines with Robert Wagner on the front cover
  • General magazines with Stefanie Powers on the front cover
  • General magazines with both Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers on the front cover

  Hart fan cards    

  • Official network postcards with facsimile autographs printed on the back.

 Hart fan fiction 

  •  Links to fan fiction sites

 Hart history 

  • This section is based on direct quotes taken from various sources with  those associated with Hart to Hart: RJ,  Stefanie, Aaaron Spelling, Tom Mankiweiz, Leonard Goldberg and Sidney Sheldon .
  • Graphic art: the original publicity for the show
  • How Hart to Hart was developed 
  • Casting Jonathan and Jennifer and Max  
  • Success of the casting 
  • Jennifer: why Natlie Wood did not play Jennifer 
  •  The relationship to "The Thin Man".

 Hart movies 

  • The background to  the return of the Harts in the television movies

  • The differences between the movies and the TV series.
  • RJ and Stefanie's thoughts on bringing back the Harts
  • The impact of Lionel's death on the movies
  • Will more movies be made?

 Hart Industries and tour

  • General information about Hart Industries

  • Photo tour of Hart Industries

 Hart  Residence - tour the house

  • General information about  the real house used as the Hart's house facade.
  • Aerial photos of the real house
  • Plans of the set

  • Details about the set

  • address and  phone numbers

  • Photo tour of the house and grounds

 Hart reviews in the press  

  • A selection of press reviews of the series and movies.

 Hart talk 

  • What RJ thinks about Hart to Hart, and the role of Jonathan Hart
  • What Stefanie thinks about Hart to Hart, and the role of Jennifer Hart
  • What Lionel thought about Hart to Hart, and the role of Max

 Hart theme -"This is my boss..." 

  • Max's introduction to the series and movies
  •  History of the introduction
  • Download the introduction
  • Lyrics of the Carpenters' song "Now"
  • About the musical score from composer Mark Snow
  • List of pening credits to each series  and photos from the opening.

 Harts, Cybill, Moonlighting & Love Boat 

Details of the cross-over between "Hart to Hart" and

  •  "Moonlighting,
  • " Cybill" 
  • "The Love Boat" fall special

Harts in real life

  • What is the real-life relationship between RJ and Stefanie ?

  • What does Stefanie thinks of RJ?
  • What does RJ think of Stefanie? 

 Interviews and press profiles

  • Articles about RJ from the press

  • Articles about Stefanie from the press

  • Articles about Lionel from the press

  • Transcripts of some interviews

 "Jennifer Hart" rose 

  •  Max created the Jennifer Hart Rose in honour of Jennifer in the episode Harts and Flowers. However, the rose was not just the product of a scriptwriter's imagination, as it existed in real-life. Check here for details. 

 On the set

  •  What happened during filming - a day on the set
  • What it  was like filming Hart to Hart- a happy set
  • Recollections from Lisa Lasarus, a scriptwriter who worked on Hart to Hart
  • Lisa's description of the what the set looked like. 
  • Photos taken during filming
  • Problems with scripts
  • Working with Freeway

 Photos - network publicity

  • Television series- official network photos from various episodes

  • Movies- official network photos from the movies.
  • Photos of RJ as Jonathan
  • Photos of Stefanie as Jennifer
  • Photos of Stefanie and RJ together as the Harts
  • Photos of Lionel as Max
  • Photos of RJ Stefanie and Lionel as the Hart family
  • Photos of Freeway - he appears in various sections.

 Planned unreality - premise for the show

  • Example of official summary of the show

  • The premise and key to Hart to Hart
  • Aaron Spelling sums up Hart to Hart
  • RJ talks about Hart to Hart
  • "Heart of unreality" interview with Stefanie about Hart to Hart


  • Details about the few books about Hart to Hart or books that mention Hart to Hart
  • Details about the comics that featured Hart to Hart


    Other links

    • Links to other Hart to Hart fan sites
    • Links to groups at Yahoo
    • Links to sites on RJ and Stefanie  

    R.I.P. Lionel : The Harts without Max

    • Details about Lionel's final days
    • Lionel's obituary
    • The impact of his death on Hart to Hart and his last movie
    • RJ and Stefanie's reaction to his death.

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