My name is Nola Semczyszyn. (My last name is pronounced Sem-chi-zen, which is easier than it looks). I live in Lancaster Pennsylvania where I am a Visiting Assistant Professor  at Franklin & Marshall College. From 2011 I was a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Philosophy also at F&M. I finished a PhD in Philosophy at the University of British Columbia in 2010 and have a BA joint honours in philosophy and studio art, and an MA in philosophy from the University of Waterloo. 

My main research interests are aesthetics, philosophy of science and technology, as well as mind and perception. My work focuses primarily on visual representations -- their creation and interpretations -- within scientific contexts, and how representations elicit emotional and perceptual engagement with the world. I am working on several different  philosophical projects and there is more information in the research section as well as some links to papers and paper abstracts. The teaching section has some thoughts about teaching philosophy along with some examples of syllabi. The art and other interests section has links to some art projects and other not necessarily philosophical activities.