Your responsibility is to deliver the freight to the Freight Forwarder chosen by Nolan on the appointed and agreed upon day and no later. In order to deliver goods for the benefit of Nolan you must advise to our Production dept the intended date of delivery as well as advise our freight forwarder in the proper time required to deliver th egoods on the appointed day and date. You must have our approval in order to deliver goods. If there is any variance in the date, amount or styles of goods leaving Asia we must be made aware of these changes in advance.
    Late delivery of goods to the forwarder will trigger a review of order ship date and may require expedited shipment to make up for any delay. This expediting cost (difference between our base cost and the expedited cost) will be borne by your side.
Goods and the necessary documents must be presented at the necessary time and date to make the appointed and agreed upon date on time. CPSIA forms must be attached to th edocument packet in order to satisfy US laws of certification of product safety.
the container  must be packed in such a manner (when it is a full container dropped at your factory) that each style number and color are packed together for easy deloading at our warehouse. THis will reduce the chance of error and shortage issues that arise.
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