Noki Tips

Tips and Tricks for Using Noki Effectivly 

Some one step further features to use Noki more smoothly.

General questions, please refer to Noki FAQ.

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 Manage bookmarks in a single HTML file[new]

Since Noki v1.5, bookmarks can be extracted and navigated directly in the Noki tree explorer. If there's many bookmarks, you can save them all into a single HTML file. The generated bookmarks are listed in name-URL pair which is easier to view and click in your browser.

Of course you can always right click on a bookmark and select “goto link“ to open the URL in the browser.

Restore vCard phonebook to a new/non-Nokia phone

It's slow and boring to type the phonebook entries from an old phone's backup file into a new phone.

Noki has an option in the phonebooks' context menu ("extract to...") to convert or extract the phonebooks into vCard format. You can then copy the vCard files to the new phone in one shot via PC Suite. For vCard is a universal format, it's most likely supported by other non-Nokia phones.

Quickly find phonebook entry via typing

You may find it's awkward to scroll the phone book list back and forth to find an entry when phone book grows to several hundreds or even more.

Type the first character of the name will quickly locate the first match of the entry. This feature is emulating the phone book searching of Nokia phones. Though usually a single type is quick enough to locate, multi-type and multi-lanugages are also supported.

Collapse/expand tree by right click on the margin

When the .nbu file tree expands, the root directory sometimes is squeezed out of view. To avoid reaching for scrollbar you can right click to bring up a menu and select 'collapse'.

Or just right click on the right margin of an item to collapse/expand it. It's much quicker than the double-click-to-expand-directory and right-click-then-select-collapse-in-menu usage pattern.

Multiple selection to save interested items

The multi selection(via mouse or keyboard) has several powerful combinations:

1) merge/ectract seperate files
2) merge/extract files with directory
3) merge/extract sub directory and parent directory.
When both the parent directory and sub directory are selected to extract, all the content of the parent will be extracted.

Ctrl + F1 to generate bug report

This feature is designed to ease the pain of bug reporting.

If Noki fails to finish a task (extracting, converting or merging files), it'll prompt in the progress ring. Usually the failure is caused by a parsing error at some unknown segment in the backup file.

You can press the Ctrl and F1 key combination to re-run the task and generate a bug report in trace.txt under installation directory(usually C:\Program Files\Noki\). The bug report only contains parsing info and the context where the error happens. And it's quite small - less than 100k after compressing.

Please kindly email the trace.txt file to me for an analysis and help to improve Noki.

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