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 Dec 15 2007, v1.5 released

Noki v1.5 released, this version is a major upgrade to v1.4:
1) Bookmarks easy exploring

2) Outlook .csv phonebook exporting

3) Outlook compatible vCard

4) User file creation date time tooltip (for forensic investigation)

5) Tested with latest Nokia PC Suite v6.85
6) Support more Nokia phone models
7) Bugs fixing since v1.4
Thanks you all for sending comments, feature suggestions and bug reports for this version.Suggestions are still welcomed for developing next version Noki v1.6.

Jul 20 2007, v1.4 released 

Noki v1.4 released, this version is a major upgrade:
1) extra large backup file(>500Mb) support
2) .nfb/.nfc file explorer and extractor
3) compatiblity upgrade for latest Nokia PC suite v6.84.10
4) sorted-by-date sms list
5) better support for media files
6) vCard converter for contacts in .nfb/.nfc file
7) more models tested

Thanks to all the keen users who help to test Noki with their large backup files.

Jun 24: v1.3 released

Noki v1.3 released, this version is a major upgrade:
1) phonebook (Contacts.cdb/vContacts.cdb) support for .nfb backup file
2) Symbian short message for .nfb backup file
3) compatiblity test with Nokia PC Suite 6.84
4) more models tested:
6101, 6260, 6300, E50, E62, E70, N75

 May 30: v1.2 released

Noki v1.2 version support Symbian phone book database Contacts.cdb file located in C:\System\Data. Contacts.cdb can be copied to PC or backuped into the .nbu file using PC Suite. Noki support both of them.

1)if you'd save Contacts.cdb in a separate file and want to view the content.

Just browse and open the .cdb file as other backup files then save the .cdb in your preferred format (txt, excel or html). Noki will parse the phone book database and convert the phone book entry to standard vCard files (.vcf). You can then extract them to single vCard files and copy the vCards back to your phone via PC Suite's contacts manager to safely restore your phone book database.

2) if Contacts.cdb is packed in the backup file (.nbu)

The Contacts.cdb is under "contacts database" directory. It can be converted just like all other files. .cdb can also be converted into vCard files for restoring back to the phone via PC Suite.

To view the content of the .cdb file, you can choose "extract to..." in the right click menu to extract the Contacts.cdb file. Then reopen it using Noki as stated in 1) above.

May 15: v1.1 released

The v1.1 version is released with new features for better organizing and archiving the backup file:
Converting or merging phone book, SMS, calendar and memo to Microsoft Excel workbook file (.xls)

The Excel .xls file has several advantages over plain .txt file:

  • items are better organized in worksheets, rows and cols with summary
  • items can be colored for better view/print
  • .xls file has better editor Microsoft Excel (commercial) or OpenOffice Calc (free)
  • .xls file can convert to other universal formats like: HTML, XML, txt and csv (consulting the above two editors for format details).

2) Converting or merging to Html file

Html is also an easy read universal format. If you have no a decent .xls reader at hand and want a better-than-txt format, you can convert the backup file to Html. The finetuned Html file has summary, index, navigator and cursor high light:

3) Iconed windows XP tyle menu with hotkey support

This feature is just to make selection more intuitive and quick.

Other improvements include:
4) bug fixing for phonebook entry parsing
5) bug fixing for re-entry GUI resource leak,
6) more phone models tested
: 6070, 6080, 6233, N91.

May 12: v1.0.2 release(minor upgrade to v1.0)

1) compatiblity test on Nokia 6233, 6822
2) fix phone book quoted printable string error
3) fix user file folder name parsing error
4) add icons for .zip, .png and .ico file types

May 7: v1.0.1 beta release (pre-release of v1.1)

1) convert or merge to Microsoft Excel .xls (workbook) format
2) polished context menu
  2.1) icons for command
  2.2) hotkeys for command

May 2: v1.0 release on 5.2 2007 (final release)

1) add [buy] button in [about] dialog
2) registration code viewer
3) chm help

Apr 29: v0.8.1 release (minor upgrade)

1)  fix bug: fail to read Symbian archived SMS in Simplified Chinese (N70)
2) add Symbian phone book database support(Contacts.cdb and cntmodel.ini)
3) bug reporter polished

Apr 27: Noki v0.8.0 released

Compatible with Nokia PC Suite 6.5 ~ 6.83 (.nfc, .nfb or .nbu format backup file). Click to download


A build-in bug reporter is added to ease the pain of sending .nbu files for debug.

Now if Noki fails to read .nbu file, pressing Ctrl + F1 will generate a trace.txt file. Instead of sending that big .nbu file for analysis you can just email me this small trace.txt (usually <100kb after compressing). For the report only contains parsing info and error context, you can help to fix bug without touching the .nbu.

Apr 22: Noki v0.7.0 released

Compatible with Nokia PC Suite 6.5 ~ 6.83 (.nfc, .nfb or .nbu format backup file). Click to download


This new version is a major update to v0.6:
1) Explorer and extractor for both phonebook, sms, calendar, memo and user media files.

2) Tooltips for previewing info details (phone number, sms or memo's content, calendar descriptions etc).

3) Context sensitive menu with fully control over file format: convert file to text, merge multiple files into a single text file or just extract without conversion.

4) Multiple selection via mouse or keyboard to extract only interested items.

5) Compatibility test with the latest version (6.83.14) of Nokia PC Suite.

Apr 12: Noki v0.6.0 released


This new version is a major update to v0.5:
1) user file explorer and extractor 
2) support Memo (up to 50 entries) 
3) image preview (jpg, gif, png, bmp and icon format)
) UI upgrade - more interactive
5) complete unicode support - to view europe and aisa file names in file explorer.

Apr 2 2007 Noki v0.5.0 released


This new version is a major update to v0.4:
1) complete support for imc's vCalendar1.0  
2) support Symbian SMS (archived under system\Mail directory, thanks to Mr. Bernardo) 
3) SMS sender/receiver number associate to the name in phone book.

Mar 29 2007 Noki v0.4.1 released


This new version is a minor update to v0.4:
1) better support for vCard format: both v2.1 and v3.0 (thanks to Vincent)
2) replace ms runtime dll with msvcr71d.dll (thanks to Abrudan and Bernardo)
3) better vCard layout - in multi rows with detail
) up to 50 entry limit for phone book and SMS.

Mar 28 2007 Noki v0.4 released


1) better support for vCard format: both v2.1 and v3.0 (thanks to Mr. Vincent)
2) add ms runtime dll - msvcr71.dll - to the setup package
3) better vCard layout - in multi rows with detail

Mar 27 2007 Noki v0.3 released


 1) solve a compatibility bug with Nokia 6280 (thanks Mister JAD)
 2) improve the extracted sms layout
 3) add phone model information
 4) increase up to 50 entry limit both for phone book and SMS. 

Mar 21 2007 Noki v0.2 released


  1) .nbu format(pc suite 6.82) support
  2) 30 entries limit.

Mar 16 2007 Noki v0.1 released

  initial release. only support .nfc, .nfb format. package not available.