Exploring and Extracting Phonebook, SMS, Calendar and Everything from Nokia PC Suite

Noki is a utility to explore and extract  Phone book, SMS,  Calendar, Memo, Bookmark and other user files from the backup file of Nokia phone (using Nokia PC Suite).

" With Noki you can just use your data the way you want. " - review by

 The Noki-extracted info can be saved in text, Excel .xls, .csv or Html file which is much accessible than the original binary format (.nfc, .nfb or .nbu). Other files extracted (3gp, image, photo, mp3, mp4 etc) will remain their original format.

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"Good, simple program. Just the sort of thing that Nokia should have done but didn't.- The Manager, Data To Documents, Australia

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Security certified by Softpedia

"Softpedia guarantees that Noki 1.5 is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. This software product was tested thoroughly and was found absolutely clean, therefore it can be installed with no concern by any computer user."

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From v1.7, Noki will release on The new site provides a complete guide for Nokia PC Suite backup file recovery and is more stable. This site will stop updating. 



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Noki v1.7 released on

Noki v1.7 is ready with support for
1) SD Card and Mass Storage(.arc file) extracting,
2) Outlook Calendar exporting,
3) Extremely large backup file (2G to 64G),
4) Latest PC Suite 7.0,
5) New Noki site launched:

This version is a major upgrade to v1.6 and is compatible with latest Nokia PC Suite v7.0. See what's new for details.

Download Noki from to try or buy now to remove the entry number limitation.

Using Noki to manage your backup file in a better way:

1. Explore and extract photos, wallpapers, music and other files.
2. Extract phone book, SMS, calendar, memo and bookmark in one shot.
3. Preview photos and pictures in thumbnails.
4. Convert phone book, SMS, calendar, memo and bookmark to txt, Excel .xls or Html file.
5.[new!] Import phone book into Outlook as .csv file.
6.[new!] Import phone book into ThunderBird as .csv file.
7. Contacts.cdb (Symbian contacts database) explorer and extractor. For all Symbian phones (include Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson etc.)
8.[new!] Explore and navigate Bookmarks.
9. View the interested item in tool tip.
10. Fully control the extracted file format via context menu.
11. Create bug report in one press (Ctrl + F1) if error happens.

News Update

6.22 2008:
The download provider for Noki ( is unstable recently. Please download Noki
from or .

6.8 2008:
New model Nokia E61i tested. Thanks

5.17 2008:
5-Stars Award from

"Noki is worthy our 5 Stars Quality Award and was rated accordingly. The software rating goes through several phases and many factors are taken into consideration when testing: performance, ease of use, functionality and user feedback."

Thanks Renta Cezar - Senior Editor of

5.12 2008:

New model Nokia N82 tested with latest PC Suite 6.86.9. Thanks Antti Kurittu.

4.20 2008:

5-Stars Award from SoftArea51

"Noki has been reviewed by our editors and it received our 5 stars Rating Award. It's a remarkable product, best of breed in its class, raising above its competitors by the innovative approach."

Thanks Serge Constanza, senior editor of

4.7 2008:
More Recommendations from Nokia Customer Help
According to recent user comments, Noki is recommended by more Nokia Customer Help Centers for backup file recovery: Great Britain, Italy and France. Thanks for your feedback.

2.23 2008:
Noki v1.6 released. It's a major upgrade to v1.5:
1) thunderbird .csv phonebook export (for .nfb and .nbu backup file)

2) outlook .csv phonebook for .nfb
3) vcalendar for .nfc/.nfb
4) Greek support for contacts in .cdb
5) both microsoft outlook and outlook express are tested for .csv
6) better sms number and name matching for some Italy phones
7) recover from invalid entry in Contacts.cdb
8) multi-registration key reader
9) more entry types for vcalendar: AALARM, PRIORITY
10) phonebook without name in .nfc bug fix
11) more entry types for vcard: ADR, URL, X-SIP
12) remove encoding, charset, internet field in tooltip
13) use organization name when vCard has invalid name
14) more phone models tested

Thanks you all for sending comments, feature suggestions and bug reports. [buy now] [FAQ] [tips and tricks]

1.12 2008:
Noki got recommended from Nokia Support:

"I heard of your development (to take care of problems with incompatibility that Nokia themselves cannot). And do you know from who....? From the Nokia support people!"

Thanks Mr. Richter from Sweden for this kindly note.

11.25 2007: gives Noki a 5 stars award:
"We are pleased to inform you that your software Noki has been awarded by our editors with "5 stars" Rating Award. This decision was taken after downloading and testing your product.

Great job, we're really impressed!"
- Nick Stewart (senior editor of
11.22 2007:
Noki is used in cell phones forensic investigation:
"My company does computer forensic investigations,
which has branched out to cell phones recently ... I used your tool to extract the data from the backup so we could review the data on the phone (looking for call logs, pictures, etc).
" Thanks Mr. Read.

11.14 2007: just published a smart review named Opening Nokia on Noki:
"we have Nokia PC Suite, which can easily make *backup* of all data from the phone, but it’s still hard to *explore and use* these data. Noki software gracefully solves the problem, being a bridge between Nokia PC Suite’s binary formats and common file formats like text, Excel worksheets and so on."
thanks Helen and the creative team of

more news >>

Features in detail

1) Explorer and extractor for both phone book, sms, calendar, memo, bookmark and user files.

2) Tool tips for previewing info details (phone number, sms or memo's content, calendar descriptions etc).

3) Context sensitive menu with fully control over file format: convert, merge multiple files into a single text, Excel .xls, Html file or just extract without conversion.

4) Multiple selection via mouse or keyboard to extract only interested items.

5) A build-in bug reporter:

If Noki fails to read .nbu file, pressing Ctrl + F1 will generate a bug report (in trace.txt). You can email this small trace.txt to help to fix the bug.

6) Compatibility test with the latest version (6.5 to 6.85) of Nokia PC Suite.

Please complain if you find the user interface is awkward, non-intuitive or just not smooth. New feature suggestions are still welcomed and will be developed for later versions.

Note: for old backup file format .nfb or .nfc, only phone book and short message conversion to text is available.

How to use

To extract phonebook, sms, calendar and memo into a single text file:

There're four types of backup file supported by Noki:
1).nbu for PC Suite since v6.82;
2).nfb and .nfc for previous version;
3).cdb is the contacts database for Symbian phones (Contacts.cdb in C:\System\Data\).

1. [Browse...] to open the backup file which you'd saved using Nokia PC Suite.

2. All the four supported formats (.nbu, .nfb, .nfc and .cdb ) are listed by default; you can change the type filter to narrow down the number of files to show.

3.[Save As...] to convert phone book, SMS, calendar or memo to txt, xls or html file. The default name is 'current-date'; rename if necessary. Chose preferred file type in the type filter:

4. Click [Save] to start the conversion. The converted txt will be opened in Notepad if success.

Now the extracted text is ready for editing, saving, sharing and printing.

To explore and extract files(phonebook, sms, calendar, memo, image, audio, video):

1.[Browse...] to open the backup file which you'd saved using Nokia PC Suite.

2. There'll be a directory tree slide down (on the left) to show the content. You can begin to explore: single click to show the thumbnails (on the right) for previewing, double click to extract or right click on selected file(s) to choose action from the popped menu, the menu may have actions like:
1) convert selected item(s) into text file(s)
2) merge all selected items into a single text file

merge all selected items into a single xls file
4) merge all selected items into a single html file

5) extract selected items - remain their own format.

3. Image files (jpg, gif, png, bmp and ico) can be previewed in the thumbnail list left to the directory tree.

4. The hint bar is right above the directory tree :

to provide detailed information like opening or extracting progress, image file details, operation success or fail reason etc.

Multi Selection

You can multi select interested items by hold-and-drag the mouse and right click to bring up the action menu. The popped menu is context sensitive - selecting different items might lead to different actions can performed:

Note: If you just want to get all text info (phonebook, sms, calendar and memo) in one shot, click [Save as...] button is much faster than multiple selection.


Noki is targeted to support all versions of PC Suite from v6.5 to v6.85. But it might fail due to the compatibility between different phone models and different versions of PC Suite - it's hard to perform a thorough test for all of them.

Please kindly send the failed backup file to me for further analysis and following information is preferred:
1) phone model
2) version number of Nokia PC Suite
3) the backup file(.nfc, .nfb or .nbu)

Phone models tested

Though pc suite backup file format should not concern with phone models, the reality is that we have to test to make sure:

Please generously contribute to this list your phone model and pc suite version if you'd tried Noki.


Comments, bugs or feature request? You can post to the discussion board or drop me an email .

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