Welcome our Bitcoin Cash Bot to the iCenter Family!!

Who are we?

Our official launch was on 06.07.17.
We strive to offer a project you can trust and use to achieve financial freedom
With our vast experience in the areas of engagement, we help entrepreneurs invest wisely and earn recipes from over 20 different sources of income just by investing in one place.

You can see where your money is going and where its coming from on a daily basis via our reports, you can find our reports on our website at:

What we Offer?

- 1.5% of your investment Daily for 99 days
- Earning every 6 hours
- Min. Investment 0.01 BCH
- Min. Reinvest 0.01 BCH
- Min. Withdraw 0.01 BCH
- Referral Bonus in 4 Levels:
.Level 1 - 10%
.Level 2 - 3%
.Level 3 - 1%
.Level 4 - 1%
- Always an Exciting Promotion
- Consistency and Stability
- Support Room: @iCenter_Eng_Support
- Live support via the Website
- Daily Reports about the Project
- Project with 5 years Plan

and many more features coming soon!

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Thank you Team